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  • Bryon Harris

Love X Stereo - 'Maybe I'

Love X Stereo is an indie electro-synth pop duo that has captured audiences across the globe headlining in festivals in Asia and North America. The group formed when skate-punk rocker Toby Hwang and fugitive astrophysicist Annie Ko came together in 2011. Their EP 'We Love We Leave' was a hit at SXSW’s “K-Pop Night Out” and earned the duo a nomination for best dance/electronic album of the year at the 2017 Korean Music Awards. In lieu of a traditional album, Love X Stereo is releasing 37 brand new tracks throughout 2017. The digital LP is titled '37A' and will be released in 3-parts. It is described as a LP/mixtape/collective/playlist type of album. Their newest single, “Maybe I,” from the LP '37A' continues Love X Stereo's stellar work.

"Maybe I" starts with an exciting, pulsing synth bass that creates a drone in the foundation leading to the first vocal section of the song. Annie’s voice enters with a soft, sweet timbre. The verse starts with her singing "Maybe I just want to say that I'm sorry." The words echo in a way that is very moving, haunting. There is something incredibly mesmerizing by Annie's performance.

“Maybe I” is a song about wanting to make amends before time runs out. In the slower section of the song Annie tenderly sings, “Maybe I just want to say that I'm sorry. Maybe I just want to say that I worry. Maybe I just want to say that I ruined it” and in the return of that section the words cleverly change to “Maybe I was supposed to." The song has a sparse A-B-A B format, verse-chorus/verse-chorus. The well-produced arrangement drives forward building up to the hook. "You said you'll be long gone. We can't live forever. You said you'll be long gone. We can't live forever." After the second chorus, the track breaks into a pumping electronic instrumental section as Annie repeats the phrase "live forever" Check out the video of "Maybe I.'

"Maybe I" is a song that you can get lost in; it takes you away and completely envelopes you. You will start off under the influence of Annie's addictive vocals and end up on your feet in an entirely different state of being. With their hyped to perfection production, catchy melodies and unforgettable hooks, Love X Stereo is simply sensational. Their music is available for purchase on all major online music retailers. For more information on the group visit their website.

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