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  • Bryon Harris

Flight Of Fire - 'My Last Gamble'

Flight Of Fire is a stand-out rock group from Massachusetts who blend elements of raw rock, progressive metal and emo-folk-rock to create a unique musical experience. “My Last Gamble,” a single off their album 'Path of the Phoenix' is a great way to introduce yourself to the intensity and vitality that is Flight of Fire. The song features Dorian Maverick (lead vocals), Tanya Venom (acoustic guitar, backing vocals, drums), Tia Mayhem (bass, backing vocals) and Maddie May Scott (drums, backing vocals).

"My Last Gamble" kicks off with the chorus sung a'Capella; vocal harmonies captivate from the get go. After the brief intro, an acoustic guitar commences with a grooving riff as Maverick's vocals take center stage. Maverick's voice is powerful and controlled with a shimmer of vibrato - she knows how to dig in and dish out just the right amount of grit and passion. With each passing verse and hook the instrumentals build, adding bar-chord progressions, bass and percussion, keeping listeners engaged and ready for more. By the third verse, the percussion creates a foot stomping vibe. There's a tinge of Southern rock here that can't be denied. By the end of the song the band is in an all-out jam that subsides as the vocals bring the song to an emotional end. “My Last Gamble” will keep listeners on their toes with memorable melodies and a kick-ass instrumental build, but don't take my word for it.

Check out their mesmerizing video. Watch for the moment when both Tanya Venom and Tia Mayhem (who happen to be twins) get on the same drum kit, each playing with one hand. The band's tight performance is impressive.

"My Last Gamble" is about risk and reward, rolling the dice and paying the price. “I know with great success comes great sacrifice / I took a leap of faith and I'm prepared to pay the price.” The verses each tell a story as the hook ties them together with the universal theme “Going all in, gotta roll the dice / One last chance to take it all tonight / This is my last gamble, my last gamble, my last gamble.” This song is the third track out of seven off their concept album 'Path of the Phoenix' which tells a story of a heroine that goes through war, abuse, and coercion, fighting through it all for her dream. With "My Last Gamble" it's clear that the band is going all in. There is no gamble here. Flight of Fire is a sure bet. There is a fire in the soul of this band that comes from deep within, an energy that can't be contained - you can feel it. “My Last Gamble” is just one of many captivating songs that will instantly make you a fan. Their music is available for purchase via Bandcamp. The group has some major shows coming up including headlining at festivals. For more information on Flight of Fire, visit their website.

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