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  • Bryon Harris

The Lost Angelos - 'Lately'

The Lost Angelos are a rock band hailing from Hamilton, Ontario. The group features four very talented members: Nik Hirst (keys, vocals, harp), Ryan Gaynor (drums, vocals), Max Boyko (guitar, vocals) and Dave Pearson (bass, vocals). After polishing their skills via extensive live performances, The Lost Angelos released their first EP, 'Lately,' in May, 2017 and the title track is a great way to introduce yourself to the band's talent.

"Lately" kicks off with a heavy drum beat followed up by a grooving bass line and a melodic, bluesy rocking guitar solo. After this brief intro, the vocals enter with a nostalgic retro sound, reminiscent of 70’s blues-rock, with great attitude and skin in the game. The melodies are infectious and will have you addicted to The Lost Angelos who sound familiar yet unique. Vocal harmonies add an additional punch to the already huge sound that the band delivers. Mid-song there's a solo on the keys that adds great flavor to the arrangement. The pre-chorus builds up perfectly into the chorus which adds the finishing touch making this a jam that will stick with you long after you listen.

“Lately” is all about waking up and hitting the road. In the first verse he sings, “Well, lately I've been getting a feeling / That maybe I outta’ be leaving / I'm gonna hit the road and feel a change of season.” Then, “I’ve been staying up all night /and sleeping in all day /I feel so lazy, I really can't stay,” leading to the momentous chorus, “And we're on the road, rolling like a stone /We don't know where we're going so we'll take it slow /But the sunny weather will make it better /So take my hand until we run on sand,” driving home the live-in-the-moment thematic material and vibe of the song.

The Lost Angelos are a undeniably gifted group of musicians with a knack for writing memorable songs that have a nostalgic flavor that is welcomed back. Some bands were meant for festival stages and The Lost Angelos is one of them; their universal appeal is in the retro blues-rock edge that will get fans pumped. Available via Itunes, Bandcamp and all major streaming platforms, you can join the band on their facebook page.

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