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  • Bryon Harris

The Long Lost - 'Mama Don't Know'

The Long Lost is a female-fronted folk-rock/Americana group based out of Chicago. The group features Katie Burke (guitar and vocals), Andi Avalos (vocals), Kevin McMahon (bass), and Steve Ashum (piano). This talented band delivers songs with compelling stories sung by unique vocals and harmonies to create one-of-a-kind musical experience. Their single, “Mama Don’t Know,” from their album 'Don’t Wait Up For Me', is a gleaming showcase of how musically adept The Long Lost are.

The song starts off with a nice acoustic guitar chord progression accompanied by a heart-thumping kick drum. Soon the bass enters, walking us into the first verse. The vocals enters with crystal clarity and a smooth timbre. The advanced harmonies throughout the verses yield a mysterious, haunting vibe that will give you chills. Together Katie and Andie achieve vocal bliss. The memorable chorus is relaxed with a nice back-porch swing. “Mama Don’t Know” is chock-full of mesmerizing melodies. Small piano motifs and a piano solo give the song a break as the piano timbre cut above the acoustic mix with tasteful melodic content. Elements of folk and blues resonate in the song.

The band drew inspiration for this song from their mutual admiration of the TV show, Law and Order SVU. "Mama Don't Know" is a song about choices and consequences, about being young and foolish. The lyrics tell the tale of a young women who is picked up in a bar. “In a smoky bar, your parents wonder where you are / Ooo, but you didn’t tell them / Barley 21, you’re just looking for some fun / Ooo, when he calls you over...” The hook asks, “Does your Mama know? /Does your Mama know? /Does your Mama know just what you’ve done? /Can you live each day? /Can you live each day? /Can you live each day with what you’ve become?” The story is gritty and the song's arrangement and performance do a great job of capturing and revealing both the sin and the innocence of the story, showing the band's lyrical sophistication.

If "Mama Don't Know" is any indication of the quality of music fans can expect of The Long Lost then their anticipated and upcoming EP, "Don't Wait Up For Me,' won't disappoint. The Long Lost is one band you will be glad you found; with their knack for writing enticing stories delivered by vocal prowess and intriguing arrangements, The Long Lost will have you falling in love with their music. Their music is available on Spotify, Apple Music and Bandcamp. For more information on the group, visit their website.

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