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  • Bryon Harris

Oak & Ash - 'Step Into The Light'

Hailing from New York City, Oak & Ash is an alternative pop-rock group who is sure to spark attention in the music industry. In a short time, the group has taken the stage at renowned venues such as The Gramercy Theatre, Irving Plaza, The Paramount Theatre and Webster Hall. Members of the band include: Rich Tuorto, lead vocals and guitar; Chris Tuorto, guitar; Paul Gramigna, bass and Bryan Garbe on drums. In July 2015, the band released its debut EP titled ‘Slightly Reckless’ and is set to release a second EP that will include their newest single "Step Into The Light." “Step Into The Light” is a great way to step into the talent of Oak & Ash.

“Step Into the Light” opens with single chords strummed over light and melodic electronic nuances and a steady drum beat. Soon the percussion leads into a jamming track full of energy . Rich Tuorto enters on the first verse with pop-rock-perfect vocals (similar to Adam Levine) clear and bright above the mix. In the chorus, some light digital vocal effects add a great pop flavor to Rich’s timbre. The bass and percussion are tight and in–the-pocket yielding a contagious groove. A nice mid-section commences with ooo’s and oh’s against a snapping percussion that builds showcasing Oak & Ash’s strong songwriting skills. Overall the song is completely infectious and can rival any pop-rock song on the market today. It's chart ready and radio ready.

Check out the video below of "Step Into The Light."

“Step Into the Light” is an amazing song displaying the diverse talent of Oak & Ash. There is no doubt, after experiencing this one tune, that Oak & Ash are ready to step into the big lights. Their music is available on iTunes. To learn more about the band, visit them on their website.

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