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Mark Klaver - Tell Me You Want Me'

Mark Klaver is an up-and-coming singer/songwriter out of Sufern, NY. His talent has made him a two-time semi-finalist in the Paramount Songwriting Competition. He has collaborated with artists such as Sean Hurwitz who is best known as the lead guitarist for Enrique Iglesias and the band Smash Mouth. Born a quintuplet (in a musical family), Klaver began to writing his own music at the age of 9. His single, “Tell Me You Want Me,” is just one shining example of his passionate work.

"Tell Me You Want Me" starts off with an intricate melodic acoustic progression that glides into the first verse. The entrance of the vocals for the first verse will send shivers down your spine with Klaver's bright vocals that can rival the voices of many pop stars on the scene now. Klaver has a knack for writing catchy melodies with both memorable verses and a catchy hook. After the first hook, the song builds with the addition of drums, bass and electric guitar propelling the listener through with every infectious verse and chorus that passes. "Tell Me You Want Me" is radio-ready and chart climbing material.

“Tell Me You Want Me” is a song that comes from the heart making it easy for listeners to relate to. Klaver wrote the song to express his feelings about a girl and win over her heart ( just one listen and we can be certain that he won her over). In the first verse he sings, “You know baby I've been thinking lately about what we are and what we're supposed to be. And isn't it crazy how great we fit together? Or don't you see. Oh and I don't want to lose you, I just want to say what's on my mind just one time.” This sets the chorus up perfectly. “What if I showed you what the world looked like through my eyes, right now, all you'd see is yourself. And what if I told you that when you're by my side it's like I'm Walking on Sunshine, darling just one time, would you tell me you want me?”

In addition to writing original songs, Klavers enjoys performing covers. In the video below, he does a great job on "I Don't Wanna Live Forever" by ZAYNE and Taylor Swift.

Mark Klaver is definitely a talented young artist to keep your eye on. His engaging instrumentals combined with his pristine vocals are a killer combo that will make him a fan favorite. His song, “Tell Me You Want Me,” is just one example of his talent. Kavler's music is available for purchase on iTunes. For more information on Klaver, visit his website.

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