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  • Bryon Harris

Taija New - "I Want It All"

Taija New is a talented and ambitious hip-hop artist from Springfield, MA. She first began making music her sophomore year at UMass in 2014. In 2016 she released two singles, “Capone” and “Newbian King” which garnished her the title “Up Next” by Hot 93.7, a premier radio station in Hartford, CT. New has a wide-variety of performance experience to her credentials from big festivals to hot nightclubs and rightfully so. “I Want It All” a single from her project 'Heart On The Stage' is just one great example of this dynamic artist's mass appeal.

"I Want It All" kicks off with a catchy synth progression. A bass line filters in leading to the first hook as the beat drops. From the second the beat drops, the song pulls you in, like a magnet, with its memorable hook, top-notch production and New’s strong vocals. Getting into the first verse, New spits with an undeniably sick flow that would rival those of prominent rappers today. Her bars are clever and well thought-out showing her intellect, creativity, drive and passion for her music. New’s song, “I Want It All” proves that she has it all with this radio-ready hit.

"I Want It All" is an unapologetic song about New's ideals, specifically relationships and equality. She knows she is at the top of her game and there's nothing wrong with that. She isn't an artist who is going to settle for anything but the best - musically, collaboratively and in what she gives out to her fans. “I want it all I want it all I want it/Selfish I know I'm entitled I'm worth it/You'll never find another like me I'm perfect.” Then in the verses she gets more in depth with bars like, “If he worthless to me I don't ever depend/Game strong everyday what the fuck I look like with a weak minded man to append.” New exudes a contagious confidence.

The cream always rises to the top and there is no doubt Taija New is on the rise. Her music is professional and infectious, she has an undeniable knack for writing great songs. With all the worthy praise she has already received, there is no doubt that much more is coming her way - her music will take her far. “I Want It All” is just one shining example of how Taija New is going to get it all. "I Want It All" is available on for purchase Itunes. For more information on New, visit her website.

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