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Bongo Boy Rock n Roll TV Show - 'Season 6 Ep5 - The Mystic Hangs Around The Heart'

Bongo Boy TV's Season 6 Ep5 – "The Mystic Hangs Around The Heart," produced by Gar Francis and Monique Grimme, entertains national audiences with talented indie artist music videos from around the world in multiple genres. The show premiered in Oregon and has made it's way to rotation on over 66 channel around the U.S.

Watch the full episode below:

The show commences with the iconic hard-rock band, The Dead Daises. They strike open the episode with their single “Makes Some Noise” from the album Live & Louder. "Makes Some Noise" opens with hard hitting drums and the lyrics, “Everybody standing out of your chair. Let me hear you shout. Put your hands in the air.” There is no doubt the song will get fans on their feet. The musicianship is raw, yet tight - fast and furious. Guitar solos and in-the-pocket bass and percussion, along with soaring vocals, give the song a signature classic-hard-rock thunder that demands applause. The video depicts a live performance that showcases the band’s sizzling chops and charisma.

Deborah Henriksson, from Sweden, is up next with the enchanting song “Face Your Fears.” Deborah possesses a beautiful voice with crystal clear tone. The production of "Face Your Fears" is first-rate providing an excellent track to compliment Deborah's warm and inviting performance. The song's lovely arrangement features strings and world instruments. "Face Your Fears" is about letting go and living in the moment. Deborah sings, "Face Your Fears. Sing new beginnings.” It is a song of gentle encouragement. The gorgeous video, filmed by Matts Numan, depicts scenes of clear blue water, ocean cliffs and castle ruins for an ancient Celtic vibe.

Hailing from Los Angeles, Malea presents "You'll Never Fix My Heart" Piano chords and a deep drum, sounding like a heartbeat, start the first verse. As the drums pick up, Malea enters with a natural voice; she is instantly easy to relate to. The arrangement continues to build to the catchy chorus, “He says you ignite my soul. I will make you whole. You can light me up like nobody else. She says, Oh my crashing heart. This will fall apart. We knew from the start, you’ll never fix my heart.” With a great track, lyrics and a strong hook, ”You’ll Never Fix My heart” is radio-ready. Complementing the song is an excellent video by Owen Korb that moves from scenes of Malea singing at the piano to a young couple who struggles with relationship issues. The video beautifully captures emotion of the song

From London, UK, the Pete V Project's "Stop Pushing Love Away" starts with the single spoken line, “Really sorry I can’t make it tonight. I’ll call you.” Soon after the songs develops into a high-energy, upbeat track with elements of techno, jazz and pop. The vocals are bright, nicely placed above the mix. “Stop Pushing Love Away. You know when it's right. Don’t let me love you baby.” The tune is highly melodic and very catchy. Highlighting the instrumentation is a killer saxophone solo which plays throughout. Music Video Director, Adam David Barker, showcases a beautiful young dancer clad in a black bodysuit who plays with love's fire between shots of black and white footage outside the dance floor.

From Atlanta Georgia, Tiara Nicole performs "Real Man," a song about getting the love you want and deserve. The mid-tempo ballad opens with piano and Nicole singing, “Hey I want a real man.” A nice groove soon develops laying the foundation for Nicole's smooth vocals which are sweet and clear. In the verses, Tiara lays out what a real man is to her, someone who is "always there for her" and "treats her like a beauty queen." The verses build nicely to the melodic, catchy chorus. The video, directed by Zander Nulley, moves back and forth between shots of live, passionate singing to romantic clips of a loving couple. In the end, Tiara is lifted off her feet by “her real man” and it is safe to say that her song will lift fans off their feet with it's catchy melodies, nice groove and positive vibe.

John Haesemeyer, from San Francisco, CA performing "Maybe If I Try" is the sixth video on the show and worth the wait. Acoustic rhythm guitar starts the song off. John enters on first verse with down-to-earth vocals that have just the right amount of edge for the alt-acoustic-rock vibe of the song. The memorable chorus is a stand-out, "Maybe if I try a little harder, maybe a little more, if I try I might get what I want." Great electric guitar solos and female background harmonies highlight the track. The video, directed by Andres Gallegos, features a woman performing a contemporary aerial dance on long silky fabric. "Maybe If I Try" incorporates the universal themes of struggle and satisfaction. With a full arrangement including guitar, bass, percussion, horn and harmonies, "Maybe If I Try" is a well-produced, well-written and well-performed song.

The last music video, by Big Thief from New York City, presents the song "Mythological Beauty." This artist truly knocked my off my feet with her intense artistry and talent. The track commences with acoustic guitar arpeggios and soft percussion. Big Thief enters with highly expressive vocals that convey every inch of the story's raw emotion. Big Thief's thoughtful and poetic lyrics reflect the story of a young woman who gives birth to a child, only she is still a child herself. “There is a child inside you who’s trying to raise a child in me.” The video, filmed by Vanessa Haddad, depicts a Winter journey in the woods by two people draped in fur; somehow there is an ancient, Medieval feel to the video that is incredibly moving. Of the two people on the journey, one is weak and has fallen ill; he is carried to rest. Bravo to Big Thief for the brave and intimate story told in this haunting and beautiful song. Without hesitation, Big Thief is an artist to watch.

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