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  • Bryon Harris

Satellite Gods - "On My Way"

Brendan McMahon is a rock/pop singer/songwriter/guitarist from Melbourne, Australia who writes and records under the name"Satellite Gods." Having two albums under his belt, Falling To Earth(2015) and Marker 7-58 (2016), Satellite Gods is making a mark on the music scene with heavy rotation on the air and on ReverbNation. From Marker 7-58, the single “On My Way” is a stand-out. "On My Way" was written by McMahon who lends lead vocals, background vocals and guitar and mandolin on the track. The song features a large collaboration of stellar musicians from other well-known bands including: Peter (Maz) Maslen on drums, percussion and backing vocals Jason Vorherr on bass guitar and backing vocals; Bob Spencer, electric guitars; Simon Hosford, electric guitars; Kim Kelaart, hammond organ and piano; Belinda Parsons, backing vocals; Wilbur Wilde, saxophone; and Kristin Rule, cello.

"On My Way" opens softly with acoustic guitar chords accompanied by flourishes of keys, electric guitar and vocal “oos” creating a gentle soundscape as we are brought into the first section of the song. Satellite Gods has a highly professional and tight sound; the mix has the credentials of an established artist, radio-ready. Brendan’s vocals are crystal clear with a bright presence that sits nicely in front of the musical landscape. The song builds with each passing verse leading to a grand finally repeating the lryics, “Im on my way,” in a flurry of layered vocals, beating drums and stellar instrumentals. The song's highly melodic and catchy outro will leave you wanting more and, after one listen, you will be turning up the volume because you know what's coming and it sounds really good.

“On My Way” is a unique song with an interesting structure that lends itself to multiple listens. Skipping the predictable repeating chorus format, Satellite Gods treats each verse like its own poem that connects the song through fluidity and emotional interpretation. In the first verse of the song McMahon sings, “On and on, across the ocean /Colour white, hurts my eyes/Deepest sea, rolling over /Hours pass on my way.” The lyrics are picturesque and colorful. In the next verse he sings, “Days are long, night time longer/In my room, motion strong/Breaking point, pressure I’m under/Feeling down, for so long,” bringing the song from the external perspective to the internal and personal. Satellite Gods takes listeners on a journey, and with each passing verse, the images become more clear and vivid, painting the picture of struggle, personal growth and clear vision.

Satellite Gods is definitely on his way as he creates moving music with poetic and picturesque lyrics that stay in your mind while the backing vocals and instrumentals lead you through a lively musical soundscape that envelopes you in the emotion and mood of the song. "I'm on my Way" is the kind of song that resonates long after you hear it; it has a satisfying energy that you will want more of, leaving you with the lasting impression that you just heard something very special. For more information visit his website.

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