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  • Bryon Harris

Blue Honey - 'Angels Come Home'

Based out of Nashville, Tennessee, Blue Honey is an Indie/Country/Americana duo featuring Kassie Jordan and Troy Brooks (who also happen to be married). Both singer-songwriters enjoyed extensive solo careers before they officially combined talents. Their debut single, “Angels Come Home” showcases the two at their best. Featured on the single are Kassie (vocals), Troy (vocals, acoustic and electric guitars), Dave Cohen (keys), Matt Anderson (bass) and William Ellis (drums). “Angels Come Home” was written by the duo along with songwriters Nathan Meckel and Britton Cameron.

The song opens with a single line that cries softly which is soon joined by light sixteenth notes on the keys. A background of palm-muted guitar strumming on the eighth starts the first verse like kindle to a fire. This unique introduction, the combination of subtle textures and rhythms, is very engaging and it sets the bar high for the rest of the song. As the arrangement develops with bass and drums, there is a nice build to the strong chorus.

Troy sings solo on the first verse presenting a clear, warm and inviting tone. Troy's voice is classic Country and radio-ready. "I’m my own crown of thorns/I’m a sky that’s always torn/I’m a valley down below/That longs to hold you close." Kassie appears on the second verse, taking the lead. "I’m a raven that needs to fly/Just to get back by your side." Her vocals are sweet and strong. Throughout the song, the two singers interact, creating an emotional interpretation, in the way that only a duo who is truly bonded musically can do. They are natural together. Mainly in octaves (harmonically), the two utilize call-and-response very effectively, answering each other tenderly with the lyrics "I will forgive you." Each verse seems to be a conversation that sometimes gets quiet and at other times, passionate. Together, Blue Honey is gold.

The lyrics of “Angels Come Home” depict the fire and passion that keeps love together despite times of turmoil. In the catchy chorus, they sing, "Whoa, oh, oh /Fight like lions and love like doves /Oh, oh, oh/You and I are dangerous stuff/With heaven on our side/Baby you and I…will/Fight the fires, swim the floods/I love you ‘til the angels come home. Tasteful electric guitar solos enhance this track.

Blue Honey's songwriting jar is smooth and polished and the stuff inside is sweet and tasteful - together they have created music that you will want to pour on thick. For more information on Blue Honey and to follow their next release, visit their website.

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