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  • Bryon Harris

Bongo Boy Rock n’ Roll Show Season 6 Ep4 - 'RED LOVE'

Bongo Boy TV presents Season 6 Ep4, ‘RED LOVE.’ The show debuted in Oregon in March, 2017 followed by heavy National Television rotation on 66+ TV channels. Produced by Gar Francis and Monique Grimme, Bongo Boy Rock n' Roll entertains national audiences with talented indie artists from around the world in multiple genres.

Up first is the national award-winning indie sensation Natalie Jean, from Kingston, Maryland with her song “Red Room – The Remix.” Natalie, donning a white suit and white shades shows off some of her dance moves to flashing lights and a red-hot track. Natalie’s singing ,smooth and clear, is complimented by impeccable electronic production. Red Room is about the universal them of leaving a past lover behind for good. Natalie sings“Red room, Red Room. I won’t’ be coming back to you,” but you will be coming back to hear more of Natalie without a doubt.

The second feature, from New York City, is Drew Vision with his song “Without You.” The smoking hot video shows Drew singing on an Island beach – the visuals are fun and sexy: a party on the beach, white sands, lush Island greenery and a beautiful woman. “Without You” has a contemporary, radio-ready sound with a mix of R&B, Pop and Island influences. Drew’s voice has an excellent and relaxed tone. His performance shines with natural confidence and star magnetism and the music is infectious. The song is about the addictive quality of falling in love and the chorus will have you equally addicted, “Oh. Oh My God, I’m feeling like I can’t do a thing without you.”

Up next is Raiden ft. Bright Lights “Heart of Steel” from Seoul, South Korea. “Heart of Steel” opens with a catchy, melodic electronic pop-motif that builds into a fully engaging track. Raiden’s vocals are pop-strong and up-front complimenting the song’s great mix. The “Heart of Steel” video, directed by Kyle Padillia, plays like a short-film and tells a story of resilience and finding your inner strength to overcome life’s obstacles. In the chorus, Raiden sings, “It’s never too far, never too rough, never too much for me – Maybe one day you’ll see, I have a heart of steel for you.” Inspiring and empowering, it is hard to take your eyes and ears off Raiden's dynamic performance.

The fourth video is Black Prophet ft. Duane Stephenson hailing from Africa. Black Phrophet's single “Distant Love” is an emotive song about feeling another’s pain. “All of the hurt you’ve been through, Mama I feel your pain.” The track has a nice world-beat feel with organic instrumentation comprised of light rhythm guitar and hand drums. A lovely flute and fluid guitar solo along with harmonies enhance the vibe. Black Prophet’s singing is passionate and heart-felt as he feels every word he sings and the verses featuring Duane are stellar. The video, directed by Ariff Bulter, is breath-taking as it walks you through a political landscape that wakes up your soul to the love and pain of humanity in Africa and the world.

From Worcester, Massachusetts, ‘My Silent Bravery’’ sings “Face To Face.” This pop-rock song has strong melodic content and excellent vocals and the memorable chorus is a stand-out. “All I want to see is you smile at me. Can we please go back before things got bad.” The themes include the complexity of relationships, facing your downfalls, regret, forgiveness and trying to patch things up. The track presents rhythm guitar at its foundation that develops into a fully produced orchestral sound with strings. The video has a personal edge as we see My Silent Bravery moving from scenes of being alone to clips of him, in conversation, singing the lyrics to his estranged lover.

From Toronto, Canada, Adam Mishan presents "Boomerang." Adam showcases clear and bright pop vocals that shine with an excellent stage presence. The song’s arrangement opens with an infectious tune which is whistled before the full pop arrangement of guitar, bass, keys and drums come in. The chorus is very easy to grab onto, “I’ll be your boomerang, your boomerang, I’ll fly right back to you.” Adam adds some fun vocal - “Oh, oh, oh’s - giving the song a great pop flavor. The video portrays the band performing and folks singing along to "Boomerang's" upbeat, fun and contagious vibe.

The show ends with the ballad, “Cry Another Day” performed by The Chordaes of New York City. The Chordaes' lead singer has a rich and resonating rock voice that captures with emotional edge. The song opens with single chords on the piano that are eventually joined by guitar, strings and the full band. The composition’s slow build-up of instrumentation is very impressive. Showcasing truly artistic songwriting sensibilities, Chordaes steers away from predictability making for an alternative performance that is gripping. Equally gripping is the song’s video which portrays an angel in the city streets comforting the downtrodden.

On the way out is a TV Spot by the Pete V Project's new single - "Stop Pushing Love Away." The short clip entices you with a catchy line from the song's chorus, "Stop Pushing Love Away. You know when it's right."

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