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  • Bryon Harris

Jimmy Pearson - 'Fern'

Jimmy Pearson is a folk-rock singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Ontario, Canada. His five-song EP 'Good Friends' features Jimmy on lead vocals, harmonica and guitar; Nick Obal on bass; Jeff Luciani on drums and Sharon Nutzati, backup vocals. Off the EP, the single "Fern," is a great way to introduce yourself to the beautifully unprocessed yet highly refined artistry of Jimmy Pearson.

Fern opens with acoustic, rhythm guitar and a melodic harmonica motif. The sound is immediately out front with an organic, unplugged feel and a crystal clear quality. The guitar sounds bright, each strum articulated; later Jimmy adds splashes of color in the harmonic structure of the chords which is refreshing to hear. Light percussion is introduced at the second verse as the simple and tasteful arrangement is completed. The songs structure is verse -chorus, repeat with the chorus repeated at the end; the segments are transitioned by nice harmonica interludes. Jimmy enters the first verse with a beautiful folk-accessible voice that captivates with tenderness, giving this intimate song a deeply expressive quality. He hits the high notes with artistic restraint showcasing a strong sense of musicianship - Jimmy's vocal expressions and nuance truly make you hang onto every word he sings. The lyrics to Fern are equally impressive. Jimmy is, without a doubt, brilliantly poetic. When you hear the words there is a sense that you are hearing something very new that hasn't been written before. "It's clear to see, her dreams, reminiscing horrors of the silver screen, Drops the robe, and she shows, me how to turn these lips into a throne, Tongue tied little maestro." The chorus to "Fern" is one that you will never tire of; it is catchy, but subtle enough to warrant many listens. The presentation is gripping - raw and honest. "Standing up tall, her fist makes a claw and she chokes, me, out Stripping her clothes, and jumping my bones like she owes, me, though she don’t"

Jimmy Pearson is a bona fide artist who crosses over several genres to reach the end goal - a connection with listeners - through expressive vocals, literary and thoughtful lyrics and a sound that is up-front and personal - in other words, Jimmy is real and real is what we all relate to. Jimmy's EP 'Good Friends' is available on iTunes, Bandcamp and Spotify. To learn more about Jimmy, please visit his website.

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