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  • Bryon Harris

Left of Centre - "Euphoria"

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia is the digital-download and social-media sensation pop-rock duo ‘Slightly Left of Centre (SLC). Selling in excess of 80,000 units, 500,000 streams and over 100,000 downloads, Adam Spicer and Michael Pace are unstoppable. Signed with Table Top Records, ‘Slightly Left of Centre’ has released their highly anticipated single “Euphoria” showcasing their mass appeal with a fun, brightly lit song that is sure to be a chart topper.

“Euphoria” opens with a syncopated rhythm guitar riff against a melodic moving bass line. The drums kick in and - presto - a hot jam is under way. Adam enters on lead vocals with a pop-pitch-perfect voice (think Maroon-5 in terms of timbre). Electronic motifs and harmonies are added to complete the recipe for a hit track. Right off the bat, the vibe is light, fun and energetic.

As the first verse ends, the guitar drops out yielding to a backdrop of smooth vocal harmonies, distinguishing the catchy chorus. “Because everything is fine/ When you're hangin' out up on cloud nine/It's the perfect formula/Living life in euphoria/I live my life in euphoria /euphoria.” The track is engaging throughout with transitional interludes and arrangement change-ups on each verse. The energy literally transports you into a club and onto the dance-floor. Check out the duo's highly entertaining animated video of "Euphoria."

Unabashedly fun-spirited, vivacious and full of mojo and moxie, 'Slightly Left of Centre' offers up engaging and energetic music -inhale it once and you will feel high on life, inhale it twice and you'll be hooked. To get in on the hype, visit their website.

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