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  • Bryon Harris

Scott Smith - 'Down to Memphis'

Scott Smith is an Americana-Rock artist coming out of the San Francisco Bay Area. It was there that many of his early musical inspirations took hold including Grateful Dead, the Stones, The Beatles, Janis Joplin and old time music and blues. His band features five members: Scott Smith on lead vocals and rhythm guitar; Nina Gerber on lead guitar; Jeff Martin on Bass; Victor Carberry on drums and Dan Ransford on percussion. Their single, which is also the title track of the CD, “Down to Memphis,” pays homage to the birth of rock n' roll.

The song, written by Scott Smith and Jeff Martin ,opens with a bluesy and melodic electric guitar riff as the kick drum keeps a steady pulse. Soon the bass drops in and drums become more intricate and as the energy of the song picks up propelling us into the first verse. Scott vocals come in clear taking presence in the mix. His style is relaxed and rough around the edges, a story-teller, giving the song a live performance feel. The arrangement of the song is engaging with fast-paced instrumentals and twangy guitar solos; there is never a moment where this music is dull as it keeps listeners engaged throughout.

The lyrics to “Down to Memphis” take you through memory lane in Memphis, “Driving down the Memphis, the day as sure as long. Going back home, where I belong. Johnny Cash, Elvis, Jerry Lee. Ain’t no where I’d rather be.” Listening, this is less about the streets of the South and more about being at home as a musician, one who is deeply rooted in early Delta music and this is where Scott Smith belongs and it shows. He is comfortable and in his element - home in his genre. The music moves along like a train in the South and the drums and bass groove in-the-pocket. The chorus is easy to remember with a simple melody that will have you singing and cruising along before you know it. Instrumental highlights include solid percussion work and nice lead guitar embellishments

“Down to Memphis” is easy and lighthearted; like the birth of rock n' roll, it takes you on a ride through Cash and Elvis in a 1950's Chevrolet down Route 60 where everything is alright and life just feels good. Simple vocal melodies combined with engaging and intricate instrumentals, with a tinge of blues, make the perfect recipe for music you will love to remember and discover. "Down to Memphis" is available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon. For more information on the band feel free to visit their website.

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