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  • Bryon Harris

A Little Bit More - 'The Last Time'

'A Little Bit More' is an Americana/Country duo out of Owingsville, Kentucky, a small town boasting a population of 1200 where Jill Hamlin crossed musical paths with Reed Fields and an amazing song-writing chemistry was born;it seems like a musical destiny. Off their first full album 'Silhouettes' is the single “The Last Time” which will leave you wanting more than just a little of 'A Little Bit More.' With entrancing melodies, top-notch vocals, instrumentals and production,"'The Last Time" has all the elements of a classic chart topper. The song features Reed on guitar/ lead vocals, Jill on keyboards/vocals, along with Gerald Blevins on electric guitar, Vernon Lewis on percussion and Buddy Richardson on Bass.

"The Last Time" begins with a slightly somber and moving melodic piano line accompanied at first by gentle symbol hits then the bass enters in and finally the drum beat drops. The piano sets 'A Little Bit More' apart from other Americana/Alt-Country groups - It is quite refreshing to hear in this genre. Electric guitar adds smooth flourishes to the introduction for an overall arrangement that is highly professional.

As Reeds voice enters for the first verse, your ears are graced with a pure, bright and clear tone that rivals those of prominent country artists today - the addition of harmonies from Jill take it up a level; their voices compliment each other nicely. The lyrics to “The Last Time” present universal themes: loving and living in the moment like it is the last time. The chorus is memorable, "Love me like you might not ever love me again. Let’s make this a night that never ends. Love me like this will be the last time." Never over-reaching, Gerald treats the material with tenderness creating a gentle sway. Throughout the song, the lead guitar shines with tasteful solos that capture the intimacy of the song. 'The Last Time' could chart; it is radio-friendly and highly accessible.

Destined to collaborate, Reed and Jill's path has led to a polished duo who offers up compelling and emotional well-written original songs with a high level of artistry and musicianship, all while maintaining their small town roots through simple and honest lyrics with laid back, tender vocals. “The Last Time” is available for purchase via iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify. For more information regarding the group, visit their Facebook page.

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