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Jason Andrew Brown - 'Stranger'

Jason Andrew Brown is a folk-rock/Americana artist out of Indianapolis. Jason is a vocalist, lyricist, guitarist and composer who, after ten years of touring with the regionally acclaimed band Push Down & Turn, has broken out on his own as a solo performer. Off his debut self-titled five-song EP comes the single “Stranger” which presents memorable catchy melodies that express both sides of Jason - the intimate solo acoustic sound and the full-bodied rock which, when combined, make for a unique musical experience that is easy to get hooked on.

The song begins with the entrance of the bass, acoustic guitar and drums. The acoustic guitar plays melodic arpeggios as the bass and hi-hat keep the pulse. Soon, the addition of mid-range electric guitar flourishes enter the mix as we are led into the first verse of the song. Throughout the song, the electric guitar plays bluesy riffs that envelope the phrasing of the verses then pull back to clear the path for the chorus. This instrumental arrangement is engaging, folk with a rock edge.

Jason’s tenor-ranged vocals enter with a clear, bright presence that rests easily on top of the mix; he has the tone of a folk artist and the spirit of a rocker. “Stranger" is about self-discovery, about who you thought you were going to be and "in spite of best laid plans" the old self no longer remains. Life is "unforeseen." In the first verse he sings, “My memories are of a stranger. Someone who is no longer me. A pawn of an unforeseen arranger. My boat is adrift upon the sea.” The lyrics of "Stranger" are poetic and personal - less Americana in the sense of story-telling from a third-person perspective and more intimate. The structure of "Stranger" is a traditional AAB or Verse/Verse/Chorus. The verses build very nicely to the strong three line chorus, “Spare me the answer man. In spite of the best laid plans. The everything I was going to be.” In the chorus, Jason shows his pop-rock side offering up a good strong hook. "Stranger" ends with an outro on the acoustic guitar and the electric guitar riff returns like a period at the end of a sentence, wrapping up a song that you will undoubtedly want to listen to again. “Stranger” delves into the realm of self-exploration with poetic, personal lyrics and great melodic content showcasing both the solo-acoustic and full-band influences of Jason's sound creating a musical landscape that dares to go where Americana and rock don't go on their own - as if each genre, when coupled together, allows for their softer and harder sides to show. Jason music is available via online major music retailers, (iTunes, amazon, Spotify). For more information on Jason and his music visit his website.

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