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  • Bryon Harris

DocFell & co. - 'This Machine'

DocFell & co. are pure Americana music from the roots of the Ozark Mountains (in a small town called Tahlequah) where songs about love and loss, life and deathand joy and heartache are nurtured and grown to maturity from raw experiences like a fine homegrown malt. In their latest release, 'Dust Bowl Heart,' DocFell & co. channeled one of their great inspirations, their hometown hero, Woodie Guthrie, who knew a thing or two about the Dust Bowl Blues. Members on the recording include: songwriter and lead singer John Fell along with Kyle Brown on electric guitar and Bernice Hembree, upright bass; Thomas Trapp, acoustic guitar; Joe Sloan, drums; and Eleanor Whitmore and Chris Masterson, backup vocals. The single, "This Machine" is a great introduction to the Americana refinement and soul of DocFell & co.

“This Machine,”written by John Fell, is a fast paced, energetic song with an exciting instrumental arrangement that utilizes elements of Americana, country, blues and bluegrass; the song keep listeners engaged in an on-the-edge-of-a-country-backseat kind of way throughout its entirety.

As the song opens, the drums and bass hold down a tight in-the-pocket train-type groove with a good rhythmic lift, while the guitar plays quick fingered melodic riffs that fade off as the vocals for the first verse commence. Fell’s voice is bright with a rough-around-the-edges quality that fits perfectly with the twang of the instrumentals. You couldn't ask for a better vocal and instrumental mix. With the addition of layered female vocals in the background, “This Machine” has a nice, full sound with each instrument clearly articulating their story.

DocFell & co. uses picturesque story telling in the Americana tradition. Their lyrics are so real that you can see, feel and taste them. At first you are in a car and you see the road with fatigued eyes,"drove all night through the hail and the rain, a tumble weed down the highway blown fueled up on red bull and mescaline, headed for a roadhouse in San Antone" then you can literally smell the air, "cigarette smoke lingers on my skin" and most importantly you can feel the weariness, "I don't know if i'll see tomorrow, I'm just trying to make it through the night, my cup runneth over with tears of sorrow." The chorus of "This Machine"is memorable and the production and arrangement are great.

DocFell & co. are Americana story tellers who play and sing their music with refinement and detailed description, from the instrumental arrangements to the lyrics, yet when you listen, you experience a raw, down-to-earth, lived in quality - fans of country and Americana will devour this. The band hopes to record their 3rd studio album in October. Their music is available for purchase via iTunes. For more information on the band visit their website.

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