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Joey Stuckey - 'All Roads Lead to a Broken Heart'

Joey Stuckey is not just an Americana artist out of Macon, Georgia - He is the Official Music Ambassador of Macon, Georgia (his hometown), but even with this honor, Joey remains true to his roots: writing and performing music to provide a place of solace for his fans and being be an inspiration. Now his artistry, skill and passion have caught the attention of the world's premier guitar makers, Gibson Guitars, as a contender for a coveted 'endorsed artist' slot. Joey has earned: Atlanta Country Music Hall of Fame Inductee, Georgia Music Awards Jazz Artist of the Year 2016 and Atlanta Society of Entertainers Recording Artist of the Year 2015. As a polished performer, he has shared the stage with big acts who don't settle for less than stellar including Trisha Yearwood, the B52’s, Smashmouth, Wet Willie, James Brown and Clarence Carter. His single “All Roads Lead to a Broken Heart,” off the album 'Six String Soldier' will lead you down a road of sophisticated yet down-to-earth songwriting and musicianship.

As "All Roads Lead to a Broken Heart" begins, the drummer plays a fill and shortly after, the guitar and bass join with the vocals for the first verse. The drums keep a nice steady beat as the moving bass line grooves along complimented by the twang of the rhythm guitar. Joey’s vocals entail the classic sound of Americana with just a shimmer of vibrato that makes for a stunning performance on the track. During the verses, the arrangement is kept mellow allowing his vocals to shine through - gently and tastefully - while building up to the chorus where the band and Joey let loose with an energy that will have you hooked. It takes true musicianship to push the music forward and to pull it back during all the right moments - bravo.

Written by Joey Stuckey and Charlie Hoskyns, “All Roads Lead to a Broken Heart” is a classic love tale with themes including loneliness, missing love, starting over and living with your choices. Connecting listeners to what is in the heart is what Joey is all about - you completely understand and feel the song the first time you hear it because Joey expresses these themes in a truly genuine and straight-forward manner. He does this musically too - never too splashy or over-the-top, Joey's performance is more about what's in the soul and serving the composition than about showing off-this is what artistry is all about. After each verse and chorus, Joey sings "All roads lead to a broken heart," and each time he sings this simple line it is felt and expressed deeper and deeper. The tune itself is highly melodic and memorable. Throughout the track there are guitar motifs with phrases that gently sigh. As the hook builds, with a vocal chorus echoing, the guitar becomes more electric finally breaking out in a bluesy lead solo. The song climaxes with Joey pouring it all out in a duo with his lead guitar, the two voices (a man and his guitar) feeling every note to the end musically depicting what the journey of a broken heart feels like.

Joey undoubtedly makes a mark on the Americana music scene with "All Roads Lead to a Broken Heart." Having played guitar in the studio and on stage for the big names, the road has led Joey and his band to a place where they know how to write and serve a song with the kind of musical class and taste that makes him a rare find. Up next, Joey will be touring The National Anthem and God Bless America for the Houston Astros and cranking out some mean blues at the Memphis, TN, Hard Rock Café. Fans can purchase his music off the official Six String Solider website . For more information on Joey, visit his website.

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