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  • Bryon Harris

MAYVE - '1924'

MAYVE is an alternative band out of New York featuring five talented members: Nick Michelin (vocals), Mike Gusman/ Kyle Murphy (guitars), Matt Emma ( bass) and Joe Rene on drums. Following their acclaimed release 'Animals' in 2016, MAYVE's newest 7-song EP titled 'Motion' continues to captivate and hit high marks. Their single “1924” off 'Motion' is a shining example of MAYVE's appeal.

The song begins with a three chord synth progression followed by single percussive hits. The progression repeats until the entrance of the verse where the listener is first introduced to Nick's smooth tenor vocals. Soon after, the drum beat begins to pulse. Then a funky guitar lick sets a melodic groove. Right from the start the band does a fantastic job pulling you in as the song builds nicely up to the hook; with additional layers of guitar, the chorus is completed and it is catchy and memorable. "I think that when I feel something, I'll start to see I'm alive. But without you I know nothing. So I don't have to think twice." At this point, it is safe to say that listeners hearing MAYVE for the first time, won't have to think twice about listening on.

In “1924” MAYVE raises the bar lyrically using vivid imagery. In the first verse Nick sings, “In the night, I hear them coming, coming for me. In your eyes, mirrored arrows right behind me. Animal, wild thing, dig your nails, show your teeth. Here you are, like always, same with you, same with me.” Nick delivers a chills-up-your-spine, dynamic performance which can be witnessed in the band's video of the song . Take a moment to check-out MAYVE's bad-ass artistic visual interpretation of "1924."

Throughout '1924" there are artistic nuances that elevate MAYVE into the coveted alternative arena that goes beyond generic pop music; there is a sense of unpredictability with MAYVE - stylish lyrics, funky guitar, percussion that pops, synth grooves, accented harmonies and a passionate vocal performance. Case in point is the outro section of the song which throws a wonderful curve ball as the band adds an improv-like communal section that spirals seemlessly back into the chorus.

Keep your ears tuned into MAYVE. Their synth leads accompanied by sweet guitar riffs and groovin’ drums and bass are sure to win over fans and “1924” is just one stand-out example - "1924" is available on iTunes. For any more information about MAYVE please visit their website.

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