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  • Bryon Harris

Countless Numbers - 'The Rabbit'

Countless Numbers are an up-and-coming rock band from Toronto Canada. Their band features four members including Cary Parker (vocals, guitar and keys), Adrian Goudas (guitar), Tristan Melendreras (bass) and Devin Jannetta (drums). Countless Numbers combine elements of acoustic and digital sounds as a foundation for their melodic and catchy songs. The band draws their influence from artist such as The War on Drugs, Kurt Vile and Wilco. Their song “The Rabbit” from their EP 'Won' is a great way to introduce yourself to their contagious sound.

“The Rabbit” kicks off with a single strum of a guitar chord instantly grabbing your attention. The vocals enter immediately and are then answered by a melodic electric guitar lick; soon you hear the moving bass line peer through and the arrangement is completed by a steady drum beat holding everything together. Cary Parker's vocals rise well above the mix. Parker possesses a nice tenor pop-rock vibe to his vocals; his vocals are relaxed, never straining or over-the-top, giving the melodic sensibilities of the tune a nice easy flow.

The song's structure is verse-verse chorus with the first verse returning with altered lyrics for a solid outro. The vibe is fun and upbeat. The chorus is only three words that repeat, "Run Little Rabbit." There are harmonies "ooo's" added in for a nostalgic feel. This simplicity yields a very catchy hook and you will find yourself singing along. The instrumentals alone are engaging filled with memorable moments from reoccurring melodies to small solos. Before the outro, there's a short guitar solo tinged with a little distortion giving the tune some edginess.

"The Rabbit" is about someone who is dwelling on trivial matters, in the past, feeling stuck and unable to move forward or cope with a current situation. In the first section of the song, the lyrics are“Who gives a fuck the weight you gained? The hair you lost, then found again and it feels like we're running in the same race, feels like we're running at the same pace.” The lyrics suggest that you can only hide behind these trivial matters for so long before the people around you get tired of your excuses. "If that's your best then never mind. I can't bother throwing you more lines." The phrase “Run Little Rabbit” in the chorus is a clever way to describe the timid and circular nature of running away from reality. These lyrics are genuine and easy to relate to.

Countless Numbers music feels like a friend who has stopped over with some great tunes - you can't help but open the door and invite them in to stay for awhile and the more you listen, the more you like them, and before you know they are one of your favorites. Their infectious song “The Rabbit” is just one example of what this group of talented musicians has to offer. Fans can purchase their music at Bandcamp. For more information on the band feel free to visit their website .

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