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  • Bryon Harris

Blue Apollo - 'Bite the Bullet'

Blue Apollo is an emerging indie-alternative band hailing from Dallas, Texas. The band features Luke Nassar, vocals and guitar; Mitch Gruen, lead guitar; Jeremiah Jensen, drums, Rodman Steele, bass; and Grant Wolf on Keys. Blue Apollo draws their influences from a wide variety of artists including John Mayer and Stevie Wonder. The band’s first studio EP was released last year creating a steady rise in the indie world. Blue Apollo has played a number of high profile shows including SMU’s Fall Concert with Nelly and multiple shows with NBC’s The Voice alumni, Taylor Phelan. Blue Apollo was a part of Red Gorilla Music Festival and worked with Tinderbox Music during South by Southwest’s music week in Austin. The band’s new single, “Bite The Bullet,” showcases the undeniable talent and appeal of Blue Apollo.

The song kicks off with a jazzy piano solo that drops into a crisp guitar groove with a steady drum beat before the full arrangement joins in with a nice thick bass. The vibe is bluesy and upbeat, with an infectious groove. Right from the start, there is no doubt that each member of the band has excellent musicianship, enticing you from the get go. If you weren’t already hooked from the instrumentals, you will be hooked after hearing Nassar’s bright and soulful voice enter. The band has found their niche with a unique sound that combines elements of rock, jazz and singer-songwriter sensibilities, creating a great music experience that is highly original with a presentation that is universal and chart-ready.

“Bite The Bullet” is about being in a relationship that feels like an emotional war and trying to decide whether or not it is time to “bite the bullet,” to give in or to walk away. This theme is shown throughout the song with a story that paints the tale of silent suffering. "The bullet that kills me won't come from a gun. It'll be the one between my teeth when you walk away. The blade cuts me it won't be from a knife. It'll be the razor hiding in your ire.” The chorus is catchy and melodic, “Loving you is the most costly war I've fought. There's little left to win, but I'm loving you 'cause this love is all I've got. Maybe it's time to give in, bite the bullet.”

The basic structure of the song is verse then pre-chorus and chorus. After the first chorus there are 2 bars (8-to-a bar) of instrumentals featuring a short jam section. Throughout the song, the band’s rhythm section is tight and in-the-pocket. A special kudos goes out Wolf on keys. The keyboard phrasing provides a nice higher end for the band and the solos, from both the keys and the lead guitar are very tasteful. At the end of the song, Nassar soars vocally showing his vocal stamina and range as well as his passion for performance.

Blue Apollo are not going to “bite the bullet” anytime soon as there is no putting off the success that awaits this band. Blue Appollo presents a group of outstanding musicians enhanced by a front man with an excellent vocal presence and together they bring high quality music and energy with universal appeal to the table - their single “Bite The Bullet” is solid proof that this band has what it takes. Blue Appolo plans to continue releasing new singles in the coming weeks. Their music can be purchased via iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, or Apple Music. For more information on Blue Apollo and their upcoming events, be sure to check out their website.

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