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  • Bryon Harris

Jumbo Train - 'I'll Still Write Love Songs'

Jumbo Train is Canadian singer-songwriter Dennis Kalichuk and his five musical partners. The lineup includes Dennis Kalichuk (Singer-Songwriter), Kim Ladd (Bass), Christine Newland (Cello), Myles Pineau (Drums), Guy Miskelly (Guitar) and Amiel Houghton (Vocals). The band is currently working on releasing their 3rd studio album titled, 'Feel Me Breathe', to be released in April, 2017. The first single to be released from this album is the gorgeous ballad “I’ll Still Write Love Songs” which has chart topping potential and mass appeal qualities.

The song begins with a lovely melodic guitar intro comprised of finger-picking guitar and light strumming. A long, breathtaking cello line is added beneath and the bass leads us in with a pick-up into the first verse. For the first two lines of the verse, the drums only hit on the first beat of each measure, creating a nice anticipation as the melody builds towards the chorus. The cellist plays sections of pizzicato in the chorus and moving melodic lines throughout adding textures and solos that are beautiful to listen to. The addition of vocal female harmonies gives this song the classic love ballad sound that we all know and love.

It is very clear that the musicianship throughout “I’ll Still Write Love Songs” is tasteful, never over the top, allowing the song to breathe and grow, and to rest in your soul. This is a sure sign of great artistry. There is nothing to prove, only the song itself to serve and these musicians serve this song very well. They each deserve great kudos for their subtle artistic achievements throughout. In fact, the entire production, mix and performance of “I’ll Still Write Love Songs” is flawless and as you listen you will forget that you are hearing an indiepop group and feel as though you are listening to a song that has already charted and been signed to a big label. You feel as if you've known this song your entire life.

Dennis enters singing, “Candles flickering, in the breeze. Empty bottles are piling up. Then I hear our song, in the leaves. Broken dreams and love bankrupt.” Dennis’s voice has character and depth that makes him captivating. He is at once down-to-earth and easy to relate to. The chorus of this song is extremely memorable, "But I’ll still write love songs, late at night, all alone, dreamin’ of you. And I’ll sing those love songs, under the lights, all alone, just for you.” The lyrics are universal depicting a love that is missed and remembered, a love that is heard in old love songs and inspires new ones.

Check out the video of ‘I’ll Still Write Love Songs” which shows Jumbo Train playing in the studio:

With "I'll Still Write Love Songs," Jumbo Train does a great job showcasing their talents and ramping up excitement for their up and coming album 'Feel Me Breathe.' 'Feel Me Breath" promises to change things up with a lot a dance songs in addition to this beautiful ballad for a full musical experience. “I’ll Still Write Love Songs” proves that Jumbo Train can write a chart topping hit song and deliver it with great musicianship and vocal character making them a formidable group to watch. Their music can be purchased at CDbaby. For more information on the band, visit their website.

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