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  • Bryon Harris

Danny Lamb & The Association - 'See You Smile'

Alternative Pop-Rock artist, Danny Lamb, is both a singer-songwriter and an activist. Based in Toronto, Canada, Danny writes and performs with his band Danny Lamb & the Association. The Association’s current lineup is: KAYD (BackUp Vocals), Jason Golden (Guitar), Jay Baty (Guitar), and Matt Anthony (Drums). Danny has shared the stage with artists including Mother Mother, Trooper, Marianas Trench, Fefe Dobson and David Wilcox. As a passionate activist, Danny has pioneered a national and global initiative called “A Song, a City” to raise awareness for spina bifida and hydrocephalus. Living with Hydrocephalus himself, Danny is a Young Ambassador of the Spina Bifida/Hydrocephalus Association of Ontario. A great introduction to Danny’s talent is the single, “See You Smile.” Written by Danny Lamb, Lee Stewart, Andre Kaden Black and Tal Vaisman", "See You Smile" is a tender and warm song that speaks about the universal theme of loss and light.

“See You Smile” begins with a short synthesized landscape with a memorable melody played above the atmospheric mix. The sonic atmosphere then parts to make room for Danny’s vocal entrance. Added to the mix is a tasteful arpeggio guitar motif, rhythm guitar, bass and drums. Danny sings, “Lived a life people dream of, big smile, could be someone who was loved like you.” Danny’s voice is crystal clear and, in the opening, his voice has a gentle and sweet emotive quality to it that serves as a heart-warming fit for the lyrics.

The chorus of “See You Smile” is very has a strong pop-rock hook, “’It’s not, Goodbye, but once in a while, I see you smile, See You Smile, It’s not, Goodbye, But once in a while, I See You Smile, See You Smile." Danny delivers the chorus with tremendous passion and emotion, allowing his vocal tone to open up and expand. The basic song structure is verse-verse-chorus with a bridge. The bridge section is very nicely done with a return of the atmospheric melody heard in the beginning, almost like angels, hovering musically above. “Ooooo Way up high,Way up high, Ooooo See You Smile, See You Smile.” Added to the song's chorus and bridge are background vocals to which give texture and depth. The production and mix are just right.

Check out this artistic video which is laced with a studio performance and artistic elements:

“See You Smile” will resonate with large audiences as it gracefully remembers a loved one who has passed away. Danny wrote the song after his Grandfather passed away and, true to Danny’s calling to use music to express hope for the greater good, “See You Smile” is a beautiful homage that expresses the universal feelings of losing a loved one. Although you “cry for the good times,” you can always close your eyes, in a dream, and see the person smile.

“See You Smile” is moving, touching, emotional and genuine song delivered by the warm and sincere voice and talent of Danny Lamb along with The Association, a fine band of musicians; Danny Lamb & The Association know how to write a very good pop-rock song and, even better, they know how to infuse it with genuine warmth and meaning. For this band, music is a gift that they wish to share for the greater good and they've accomplished that with "See You Smile." For more information on Danny Lamb & The Association, please visit his website.

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