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Charles Parker - 'Bring Back the Sun'

Charles Parker is a singer, songwriter and guitarist hailing from Baltimore, Maryland. His music crosses over many genres including rock, folk and pop to create a modern sound that is completely his own. Parker is a polished performer and full-time musician whose 20-year journey includes playing in tribute and cover bands. After 20 years of gigging for a living, Parker released his debut album in January, 2017. The album’s title track, ‘Bring Back the Sun’ serves as a great introduction to Parker’s many talents.

'Bring Back the Sun' opens with guitar picking followed by a nice melodic lead guitar lick. Drums and bass kick in and a rock groove is established announcing the entrance for the first verse. Parker sings nicely above the mix, “Slowly fading your face runs away from the place I used to be. Time's erasing the traces of you in my thoughts my memories..." Parker’s tenor range vocals are laid-back, well-articulated and very easy to listen to. His singing sounds completely natural, smooth. The catchy chorus of 'Bring Back the Sun' showcases Parker’s pop influence with a melodic hook that’s highly memorable. “Bring back the sun. Bring back the stars. No matter where you are just bring back the sea ‘cause you’re all I ever need.”

Parker's lyrics are genuine. They come from a place of personal experience. This personal experience yields an honest song that is very moving. The song’s lyrics depict loss and yearning, yet the overall vibe, due to the songs well-chosen harmonic structure, remains uplifting. The song’s themes are about a relationship that has ended, the lasting memories that are fading and a little girl who is greatly missed. In the pre-chorus he sings, “Living life without you is why they put me in this world. You’re the closest thing I had to my own little girl.” Painting a musical landscape in the chorus with images of the sun, the stars and the sea, Paker shows the magnitude of the universal feeling of love.

The video below displays the moving lyrics to 'Bring Back the Sun'

'Bring Back the Sun's' structure is verse/pre-chorus/chorus with an instrumental solo section after the second chorus. During the instrumental section, Parker takes on an electric guitar solo, played in multiple registers, for 4 bars (8 to the bar) and his solo fits like a glove; it’s tasteful, melodic and displays the advanced musicianship and talent that Parker possesses. The musicianship throughout the song is superb; all aspects of the guitar including rhythm, riffs, and leads are highly professional (studio quality) and the bass and percussion are tight and in-the-pocket. The production is incredibly clean and crisp - the mix is just right.

It may have taken Parker twenty years to switch from performing cover songs to writing originals, but it was well worth the wait. Fans of rock and pop-rock will be thrilled to hear Parker's new songs. ‘Bring Back the Sun’ will move you with a great hook, meaningful lyrics, fine musicianship and natural vocals. To learn more about Charles Parker, visit his website.

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