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  • Bryon Harris

Sista Soul - 'Feel Good Music'

Hailing from the Denver music scene, Sista Soul aka Jeannette Cooper, is a R&B/Soul artist who has won over audiences with her incredible vocal expression and inspired music. Sista Soul’s early music training began in high-school and Church choir. Her major influences include Anita Baker, Mary J Blidge, and Erykah Badu and her genre encompasses elements from hip-hop, R& B, Neo-Soul and Jazz. Sista Soul has taken the stage in Denver’s top-rated music venues: Dazzle, Jazz at Jacks and The Walnut Room. She was also the very first artist to premier Denver’s Pepsi Center. In addition to singing, writing and performing, Sista Soul is an entrepreneur who founded, owns and operates her own concert/show production company “House of Soul Live.” Her newest project is her debut album ‘Celebration’ which features the dynamic single “Feel Good Music.”

“Feel Good Music” opens with harmonic chords on the synth in multiple registers with light percussion. The bass and drums kick in and a nice syncopated groove is established. The groove will make you want to move and clap along. As Sista Soul’s vocals begin, the track lays back a bit giving space for her stellar vocal performance. Sistah Soul ‘s voice is at once warm, smooth and soulful. “Oh I’m hypnotized by your melody. I can feel it deep, so deeply in my soul rushing over me.“ When Sista Soul sings, she excels in both the physical sound of her vocals and in the heartfelt emotional style of her performance. Harmonies are tastefully added early on to give the song texture.

"Feel Good Music" builds nicely towards the catchy chorus that is very melodic. Each line of the chorus is followed by the sing-a-long phrase “Feel Good Music.” "Come on and groove with me (F eel Good Music). Set your mind and your conscious free (Feel Good Music). Just relax and let it go (Feel Good Music)." Each line of the chorus describes how music can change you from setting your mind free, to relaxing you, taking you on a journey and embracing all that's good. In the song, Sista Soul relates the feelings that good music offers with the feeling of falling in love. “I love it when you call. Your voice your tone gives me a loving feeling, even over the phone. I need your love I want to know this feeling that we have, don't ever let it go. Hold me." Whether it’s a great song, melody, rhythm or love itself, the feeling is something you want to hold onto and Sista Soul capture this feeling in the song.

The end of the second verse has a very nice articulation when Sista Soul sings, "Let me here you say ooh ooh ooh oooh, ooh ooh ooh oooh" ,which leads back into the chorus. Finally, a bridge section completes the song’s structure. During the bridge, the song change up a bit with a more laid back vocal style as she asks the question, “Does it feel good?” The song ends with Sista Soul’s passionate singing interlaced with Vocalese that showcase her upper range as she hits the high notes with ease.

Sista Soul is an artist who knows her craft well and she delivers it flawlessly. She sets out to give her listeners a gift - this gift is her music and it is wrapped with love, joy, emotion and passion. “Feel Good Music” is all about all the ways in which good music can move us and Sista Soul’s song lives up to it's title as it moves the soul with melodies that resonate, a track that grooves and a voice that is warm and passionate. For more information on Sista Soul, please visit her website.

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