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  • Bryon Harris

The Reclamators ft. Jarema - 'Let's Boogie Together'

Jerome Mykietyn of The Reclamators is a seasoned singer, songwriter, producer and recording artist. Having worked with numerous record labels, Jerome’s music career spans from the days of vinyl records to today’s digital forum. In his earlier years, Jerome recorded pop, rock and blues; today, his focus is on Country music hit making. His first country song titled “Let’s Boogie Together” was recorded with his band The Reclamators. The band features a lineup of 8 outstanding musicians: Jarema-lead singer, Jeremy Mykietyn-drums, Ben DeGennaro-bass, Bruce Miller-lead guitar, Roger Hitchuk-piano, James Sattler-fiddle, Eric Kerssen-accordion and Rachel Wise-vocal harmony. “Let’s Boogie Together,” the first single off their up-coming album ‘Midnight Star,’ combines traditional country with the bluesy flavors of honky-tonk.

The song kicks it off with some eight-to-the bar phrases consisting of muted, walking boogie-blues lines in the guitar along with bass and drums. Some funky-country keys spice things up as the intro builds. The band’s utilization of layering and panning guitars makes for a nice, big sound and a top-notch mix. As the music breaks, lead-singer Jarema enters. Jarema’s voice is down-to-earth and easy on the ears with a slight country twang that completes the vibe. Half way through the productions is filled with accordion, fiddle and harmonies. “Let’s Boogie Together” feels like a live performance and you can’t help but want to grab someone by the hand and get out on the dance floor. The song's structure uses a verse-chorus format. In the first verse, Jerema sings, “First time for me, first time for you. It’s time we found out just what to do. Make me stop beatin’ on your door, say you won’t hold out longer anymore.” Lyrically the song is pure fun. It’s all about the simple concept of attraction the pursuit of desire. “Your legs are long, your dance is true. There is no one I would rather do it with than you.” After each verse, the catchy chorus is sung, “Let’s boogie together, let’s boogie on down, like birds of a feather, go flyin’ around.” This is the type of chorus that folks will enjoying singing along with. Rachel Wise adds harmonies providing a nice vocal contrast. After the second set of verse and chorus, things get real country with an instrumental section featuring the fiddle. The fiddle playing capture the essence of the song with tasteful, melodic solos.

Overall, the musicianship on "Let's Boogie Together" is stellar; this band is highly polished and in-the-pocket. Jerome Mykietyn of The Reclamators bring an immense amount of energy and fun to the country music scene and their song “Let’s Boogie Together” will surely light up the Honky Tonk dance floor with its rollicking good vibes and great musicianship. Jerome Mykietyn set out to write a hit country-boogie song and he did it. “Le’ts Boogie Together” is available on CDBaby, Spotify, and Amazon. For more information on the band, visit their website.

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