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  • Bryon Harris

Brianna Grace - 'Test Drive'

From the Brianna Grace is a country artist out of New England with a strong passion for her music. Her love for country music comes from memories of riding in her Dad’s truck listening to artist like George Strait and Alan Jackson. Brianna possesses a very strong work ethic which has brought well-deserved recognition and opportunity her way. She has opened for Lady Antebellum, Sam Hunt and Hunter Hayes. Brianna's undeniable talent won her ‘Female Vocalist of the Year’ at the Limelight Music Awards. Brianna brings a fresh, modern edge to country music and her song, “Test Drive” is a prime example of her chart topping potential.

“Test Drive,” which was co-written by Brianna Grace and Mary Haller, combines the sound of today’s pop music (in its contemporary production and arrangement) with all the right elements of country. The song kicks off with Brianna’s vocalizes accompanied by a simple drum beat, bass and guitar. Additional produced sound effects give it a great modern sound. The percussion makes you want to clap along for an upbeat, positive vibe. As the first verse commences, the production eases off just a bit to bring out Brianna’s voice and the delicate guitar riffs, giving it more of a classic country sound. This arrangement, the combination of modern pop production and classic country, makes “Test Drive” a song that could easily entice the masses. Matching the excellent production and arrangement is Brianna’s voice. Her vocals are down to earth and easy to listen to. She sounds authentic and natural. Brianna has a youthful quality to her voice that is radio-ready and easily matches today’s pop-country cross-over stars like Taylor Swift.

“Test Drive,” is all about entering a new relationships and seeing how things go using the metaphor of a "shiny red Maserati." In the beginning, you wonder if the relationship will grow or if you will wind up just friends. “Looking in the window of a shiny red Maserati, wonderin’ should I take it for a spin. That’s what it feels like when I think about you and me, boy. Are we gonna be more than friends.” The chorus is fun and very catchy. “Let’s take it for a test drive. Maybe see what it feels like to reach over and take my hand. Baby we don’t have to move too fast, but let’s start by turning the key. Wrap your big strong arms round’ me…” The build up to the chorus is good and it's very memorable, the kind of tune that gets stuck in your head, reminiscent of Carrie Underwood's hit style.

Brianna Grace has a strong knack for writing infectious melodies and easy to relate to lyrics while infusing her songs with both modern and classic styles of country, delivered by a down-to-earth voice - add it all together and she has created a sure ticket for success. Brianna plans to release more original tracks, go on tour, and move to the the heart of Country's music scene, Nashville. For more information check out her website.

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