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Natalie Jean - 'L'Amour a L'infini

Natalie Jean is an outstanding, award-winning singer-songwriter with a long run of recognition from the music industry. Most recently, she was a Semi-finalist in the International Songwriting Competition, nominated in the Washington Area Music Awards (Wammies) for Best World Recording and Best World Vocalist, won the Bronze Medal in the Global Music Awards in the Pop category, finalist in the World Wide Music Contest, and nominated for Best Female Vocalist in the Hollywood Music in Media Awards. Natalie has released three albums, a pop/jazz album called ‘Obsession,’ a self-titled Jazz album and most recently a French dance/pop album. Off of her newest album, Natalie’s song “L’Amour a L’Infini” showcases her passion and talent as a singer/songwriter. The song was co-written with the artist Lyssabelle.

“L’Amour a L’Infini” starts off with a sub-bass progression accompanied by a dreamy synth sound and vocalizes, making for an entrancing introduction. Entering the first verse, the production eases, leaving room for the vocals as a nice steady drum beat drops in, setting the groove. As Natalie enters, you can immediately hear the deep expression and passion in her voice. Her articulation is clear as she digs into select lyrics, emphasizing the emotion of each word she sings.

The verses continues to build up with additional production, leading to the chorus which is sure to get stuck in your head. The chorus to "L'Amour a L'Infini" is about as contagious as it gets and you'll be singing it for days even if it is not your primary language. “L'amour. C'est la vie. C'est la vie” (love is life). “L’Amour a LiInfini” is a very romantic song sung in the most romantic language in the world, French. It is about love at first sight, “the moment I saw your face, is the moment I can’t erase.” It is about a love that will last for all of time - the title of the song translates to a love that is infinite. “You are the flames of my being, my paradise, my everything. You are the eternity in me. For all infinity...for all infinity,” emphasizing an eternal, everlasting love. Natalie portrays this theme not only in her lyrics, but in the yearning and emotive nuances heard in her voice. Natalie shows that she has a solid power-pop voice that can a hold a long note and soar above any mix while conveying a wide range of expression.

Listening to Natalie sing in French is an amazing experience. She nails it with a natural and authentic presentation. As a side note, Natalie sings in multiple languages including French, Spanish, English, and Creole. There is no doubt, after listening to “L’Amour a L’Infini” that Natalie is a gifted artist who, with an extensive library of original songs in multiple genres and languages set to great production and beats, can capture a very wide audience here at home and abroad. Natalie Jean is like her song “L’Amour a L’Infini;” her talent seems to be infinite. Natalie’s song is available for purchase on iTunes. For any more information on Natalie Jean, please visit her website.

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