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Bryan Hansen Band - 'One More Blues'

The Bryan Hansen Band is an alternative band based out of New Jersey that combines elements of blues, jazz, funk and soul creating a fun and original sound. The band features five members: Bryan Hansen, vocals and guitar; William Blakey, bass guitar; C'wan Merritt, drums and percussion; Wil Caldwell, III-Saxophones and French Horn; and Elana Segal, Saxophones and Flute. Bryan Hansen and the band deliver a blues experience with hints of pop through a stellar lineup of musicians who bring sophisticated musicianship and raw talent to well-written songs that are easy to relate to. Their most recent album, ‘When You Stop Pulling Back’ was released in September of 2016 at a sold out show at the Union County Performing Arts Center's Hamilton Stage and their single, “One More Blues,” is a surefire way to get you hooked on their amazing sound. The song begins with a brief intro of rhythmic guitar strumming and melodic sax duo that gets the groove going before the first verse even kicks in. Then, the instruments break as the vocals come in revealing the incredibly smooth and soulful tone of Bryan Hansen’s tenor voice. As the song progresses and the instrumentation becomes more intricate Bryan and the band continue to pull you in, never letting the energy fall, latching onto your musical memory making it a experience you won’t forget.

Bass player William Blakey owns his instrument and along with drummer C’wan Merrit, these two polished musicians keep the band tight, in-the-pocket and the pulse moving. Blakey also adds some nice vocal harmonies to the mix. Sax players, Wil Caldwell and Elana Segal play tasteful motifs and phrases that play off the melody of the song bringing listeneing . Bryan Hansen is simply full of charisma - he is a great front man for the band. Bryan’s voice brings a very unique element as his tone has a certain pop quality that makes it radio and audience friendly; his natural timbre gives the music cross-over appeal and his performance is full of confidence as he delivers the song with energy and enthusiasm, for a fun and inviting presentation. Check out this video of the band playing "One More Blues" live:

“One More Blues” is a song about something many, many students around the country can relate to - student loan debt. In the first verse he sings, “Growing further apart from the road that was leading me to the promise land. Been washing the dirt of my hands. This is a heart that has been used and returned broken for years..." Here, the words seem to be saying that the promise of a bright future is weighed down by the baggage of debt and false promises. Then in the chorus he sings, “One more blues won’t change what has been started. Grab my coat and I’m heading out door. One more blues won’t change when I'm departed, but I’ll be singing the blues walking on towards a sunrise.” As far as the blues goes, this theme is universal. Whether it's student loan debt or the promise of future that is hard to obtain, everyone can relate to feeling used or deceived. Yet, there is still a sunrise to look forward to.

There is no doubt that the Bryan Hansen Band is an extremely talented group of musicians who offer up great arrangements, musical chops, original songwriting, smooth vocals and a charismatic, energetic live show. Whether you catch them live or download their tunes to your playlist, the Bryan Hansen Band is a listening great choice for fans of blues and pop. For more information regarding the band and their music visit their website.

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