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  • Bryon Harris

Special Thumbs - 'Lady Fingers'

Special Thumbs are an indie-pop/"heady-pop" band based out of Oklahoma City. The band presents a unique, colorful and melodic musical experience with captivating instrumental arrangements and invigorating vocals. The Kinks, The Velvet Underground, Tame Impala and MGMT are some of the bands earlier influences, but their sound is completely their own and refreshingly original. Their song “Lady Fingers,” off their EP 'Pollen,' is a testament to their undeniable talent.

The song's introduction immediately draws you in. It starts off with acoustic guitar riffs that are built up with several guitar layers until the rest of the band arrangement falls into place for the entrance of the vocals. The vocals have a relaxed timbre and a unique tone; their singing is incredibly down-to-earth and easy to listen to making Special Thumbs a band that is sure to stick with you and get under your skin. Pablo Tortois and Chiefy Roon are the vocal masters of Special Thumbs. “Lady Fingers” is rich with vocal harmonies and, combined with an array of guitars and keys, Special Thumbs has created creating an aural sensation capable of connecting with the masses.

“Lady Fingers” is a song about relationships, falling in love, the storms people weather and projected tragedies that haven’t happened yet. “You got lost in a storm /Pulled out down from above /Well you got tired while we got it figured out /You got tired while we got it figured out.” As the song progresses, the lyrics talk about uncertainty and the role of love and friendship in hard times. “Mama it will be tragic /Even though it hasn’t even happened yet /You’re just being arrogant /Don’t forget who your friends are /I love your little lady fingers /Stop your soft soft sob and let it go .” The writing is sophisticated and artistic. Special Thumbs does not rely on cliche or predictable lyrics and rhymes. The song is poetic and open for interpretation.

Much like their lyrics, Special Thumbs is also very artistic musically. The song was produced by Michael Trepagnier and the production and mix are stellar. The songs starts almost folk-like with acoustic guitar picking and strumming but soon develops in an indie-pop-rock song with a lot of surprises to please the indie ear. Midway, there are electric guitar solos and whirling keyboards. A bridge section offers up some nice rhythmic variety as they sing "Wherever you go, I will to I listen to your problems and I’ll be there with you." In the end, the song is uplifting and a sense of friendship and caring is conveyed.

Overall, “Lady Fingers” is an excellent song, a refreshing blast of originality that will capture your mind and your musical senses with great melodic content, unique lyrics and outstanding musicianship making for a memorable experience that will leave you wanting more. Their EP- POLLEN discuses the illusions of relationships, life, love and existence. Special Thumb's music is available via most online music retailers and their website.

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