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  • Bryon Harris

Liokness - "Play Until Your Fingers Bleed"

Hailing from Soldotna, Alaska, Liokness is prolific singer-songwriter with over 200 songs in her library. Currently taking residency in Portland, Oregon and Los Angeles, California (where she is recording next album), Liokness draws from many genres including folk, pop and rock to create a sound that is uniquely her own. She has been described as spunky, eclectic, soulful and passionate. Her single, “Play Until Your Fingers Bleed,” is a great introduction to the talent that Liokness brings to the table and will surely inspire those who hear it with it’s uplifting message.

The songs commences with an electric guitar playing chordal arpeggios. The introduction is soon joined by soft, melodic violin lines playing counterpart in the key of a-minor which gives the song a relaxing vibe to sink into. Liokness enters with, “Play until your fingers bleed, that’s the way that you’ll succeed, there’s nothin’ in this world you need but a little discipline and love you’ll see, oh….”

Liokness possesses a strong voice that is clear and articulate with a tone that has character and passion. Liokness digs into the melody and holds back at just the right moments to create nuance and intensity; her performance is engaging and emotional.

The song composition is unique, starting with an introduction that is made up of a few lines from the chorus followed by a verse, a pre-chorus and then an extended chorus.

The second verse changes it up with a melodic piano part, replacing the guitar, giving the song a pop edge. Liokness's voice sounds excellent against the raw sound of the piano. Displaying her songwriting skills, Liokness adds a unique bridge section that is marked by electronic keys and harder hitting drum beats. “Am I right, am I right??? Am I wrong, am I wrong???? So play now….(play now), If you wanna play your song." As the bridge ends, the song snaps back into the chorus with layering of vocals, harmonies and musical textures. A guitar solo takes the track to the end where Liokness sings a passionate outro “And pretty soon the world will see Who it is that you’re really gonna be."

For inspiration, check out this great video of "Play Until Your Fingers Bleed:"

“Play Until your Fingers Bleed” is about going for your goals and dreams, in music and in life, and it encourages listeners to have tenacity, to never give up. Liokness offers up a recipe for turning dreams into reality: love, hard-work, determination and guts. And in a sense, this is what Liokness is all about; she is offering her dream, her music, her voice, and she is giving it everything she has – love, guts, hard-work and determination and the result is a well-written and beautifully performed song that will inspire you to be your best. "Play Until Your Fingers Bleed" can be purchdase on iTunes. To learn more about Liokness, visit her website.

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