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  • Bryon Harris

CEEM - "How To Be Loved"

CEEM is a synth-pop artist who can get your fists bumping and feet jumping all while delivering a meaningful message for our times. Drawing influences from early artists such as David Bowie, Madonna, and The Eurythmics and from later influences like Gus Gus, Daft Punk, Dragonette and Lady Gaga, CEEM is very versatile and surprising. With the ability to remix his music to fit any genre, to drop his songs into an acoustic version or disco-dance track, CEEM keeps things fresh and engaging. In his latest song, "How To Be Loved," CEEM was inspired by the Women's March on January 21 2017.

Starting off with entrancing electronic sounds and vocal layering, the intro to “How To Be Loved” will have you captivated from the start. The production and mix are high quality. "How To Be Loved" has a professional sound that can compete with major artists in the EDM/Dance scene; the track is seamless smooth yet filled with texture and nuance.

CEEM's tenor vocals are modified with effects making them blend perfectly with the production, acting almost as another instrument added into the arrangement. His vocal tone is made for pop music- clear and youthful. CEEM also uses layers of vocals, in multiple ranges, which adds a nice fullness where needed. The melodic content during both the verses and chorus are memorable and catchy giving "How To Be Loved” mass appeal. This would be a great song for anyone trying to pump up the party with a positive message. The bass keeps the pulse throughout the song and the energy remains intense throughout.

In “How To Be Loved,” CEEM starts each verse with the phrase, "There's a thousand ways..." He sings, "There's a thousand ways to love; A thousand ways to not be afraid; A thousand ways to stay together." The theme in the verses is to find your path to a better place. CEEM talks directly to his audience, reaching out a hand, using the word "You" to emphasize that we are each part of the solution. "There's a thousand different ways to love, so why don’t you pick a few. Tell me how do you, want me to love you." The song then moves on to a greater call for unity as the term "we" takes over “We’re gonna undo, the damage this time. We can do it better. We can make it right. There’s a thousand different ways to love.” The song's lyrics are a call for love, hope, inspiration and action.

“How To Be Loved” proves that a song can inspire you to dance, to think and to act. CEEM undoubtedly has tremendous potential to engage mass audiences with his energetic and engaging professional synth-pop tracks and with messages that audiences are craving to be a part of; "How To Be Loved" is more than a song, it's calling and CEEM has that calling. His vision is to make a difference and he achieves that vision. CEEM’s music can be purchased via iTunes. For more information visit CEEM's website.

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