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  • Bryon Harris

SLENDER - 'The Moment'

SLENDER is an up-and-coming rock band based out of Montreal, Canada. The band is known for their high-energy live performances, a huge melodic rock sound and a tireless devotion to their art. All five members of the band are extremely talented, each bringing their own set of accolades and skills to the mix. The lineup is: Frank Valiante (Vocals / Guitar), Vince Roy (Guitar), Laurent Massaad (Guitar), Pascal Poirier (Bass) and Dan Mayrand (Drums). Together, and individually, the band has over 300 live shows, television performances, two recording contracts, ten albums, national tours, festivals appearances and numerous contest wins. In August, the band released their debut album, ‘Revival.’ Off 'Revival" comes their single, “The Moment” and what a moment it is.

"The Moment" kicks off with a crunchy distorted guitar lick, leading the way for the rest of the band to join in. The introduction is explosive, a head banging opening that will surely get crowds pumped. The band then eases off a bit allowing space for the vocals to deliver. They supply a good dose of heavy rocking attitude, tight rhythmic playing and dazzling leads while never forgetting the importance of a great melody. In other words, they could endlessly show-off, but they choose to respect the structure and musicality of the song by remaining true to tasteful musicianship. About two and half minutes into the song, there is a great jam section with a killer lead guitar. Throughout, Frank Valiante delivers a charismatic vocal performance that is filled with confidence and passion.

Lyrically, “The Moment” is meaningful and uplifting. The song speaks to the conflict of staying true to yourself and weighing out the consequences of the decisions you make and the ripple effects. It is about letting fear go and being in the present. In the first verse Valiante sings, “If you gave me all the answers, would I work overtime? And If I'm truthful when it hurts, would everyone else be fine? When I think of the bright side, would I find my stepping stone? If I found a way to sell it, would you be dry as bone” The chorus then digs into the theme singing, “The moment is here. The only thing to fear for is fear." The chorus stands out with a catchy, memorably melody that is easy to grab onto.

Check out this amazing video of SLENDER performing "The Moment."

SLENDER's moment is here and it has arrived at the right time. They have put in the hours and the hard-work and the results are polished and passionate, meaningful and musical. They are a top-notch rock band that offers a huge sound, one that is easy to jam out to, with insightful lyrics, memorable melodies and seasoned musicianship. For more information on the band you can visit their website which will give you their latest news, tour dates and links to their social media.

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