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  • Bryon Harris

Tatiana Lima - 'Just Leave Me'

Tatiana Lima is an undeniably talented singer-songwriter rising in the pop arena. While her main style is derived from pop and rock, she infuses her music with influences from classical, folk, Latin and R & B music. Tatiana has performed at a large number of events and venues including the Hoboken International Film Festival, Brazilian Day in Newar, and as a featured artist on Telemundo TV: Las Comadres con Gloria B. One of Tatiana’ singles, "Need you tonight" was under consideration for American Idol's finale (her song landed in the top 20 out of 25,000 entries). After listening to Tatiana's single, “Just Leave Me,” it is clear that Tatiana is poised to keep rising to the top.

“Just Leave Me” kicks off with a brief drum intro which leads to the rest of the arrangement coming in with a strong presence. The instrumentation has an infectious groove to it that makes you want to dance the second the full arrangements breaks in. The engaging arrangement has a Latin vibe with captivating guitar and synth licks. Once Tatiana’s voice comes in, it adds a sense of completion to the song. Her voice has a soulful, rocking feel that will resonate universally with fans of pop music . Tatiana shows that she can easily glide through the memorable melodies of the song with great control, and emotional expression.

"Just Leave Me" is about the age old story of a lover's cheating game. It is about knowing that the person you love is betraying you and asking them to leave because you are too deep in love to do it yourself. In the first verse Tatiana sings, “I’ve been wondering for so long, why you’ve been out all along. You said you’ve been working oh so late, but you’re just making excuses for a date.” She them emphasizes this during the emotional build of the chorus singing, “I can’t take this anymore. Just leave me. Walk right out the door 'cuz you don’t care. So just leave me, boy. You better leave me. We both know, I still love you so. I need you to leave me!”

After the second chorus, listeners are treated to a feature rap performance by Meku Yisrael which adds a nice flair to the song. Meku is a fine lyricist and his lines offer up a counter theme, one of forgiveness and change, "I wanna continue our relationship in the same vain . Might be a knife in it but it ain’t the end of the game." The arrangement of the song is stellar with fine musicianship by Roberto 'Beatz' Robinson Jr. (drums), Damon Grant (percussion), David Cutler (bass), Chris Palmaro (organ and piano), and Hanan Rubinstein (guitars and synths).

Tatiana Lima is a standout artist with chart-topping abilities and it is without question that she can stand side-by-side with any top artist today; in a nutshell, Tatiana has what it takes - great songs, vocals and composition. Tatiana is currently working with producer Hanan Rubinstein (Birdie Studios, Alicia Keys, and Rita Ora) on an EP which is coming out sometime this year. Her music is available for purchase on iTunes. For more information on Tatiana, visit her website.

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