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  • Bryon Harris

Not For Lease - 'She's Got A Hemi'

Not For Lease is an original, hard-rock band out of Grand Rapids, MI. Formed in 2014, the band features three members: Kirk Chrysler on vocals and drums, Nick Chrysler on bass, and Tyler Chrysler on rhythm and lead guitar. The band's vision is to offer up strong, driving rhythms, amazing leads, and uncomplicated lyrics that are easy for fans to grab on to. The band showcases this vision with bravado in their song, “She’s Got a Hemi,” off of their new EP ‘HEMIFIED.

'She's Got A Hemi' starts off strong! Fans are immediately woken out of any slumber they may have been in with a ripping guitar that could melt the sun. Added in is great rhythmic guitar distortion which leads to an all-out jam. The bass shows off it's driving skills complimenting the tight rhythm of the song. Together, 'Not For Lease' creates a sound that is all encompassing. There is no doubt that each band member brings raw, passionate talent to the table.

The vocals front the band with a laid back vibe that has charisma - the perfect vocal presentation as Kirk leaves just the right amount of space for the band's intricate and intense instrumentation. The band has a huge sound for only three members, a sound that will get your blood pumping and head banging.

In “Shes Got a Hemi” the band sings about driving their Hemi and the euphoric feeling it gives them. Entering the first section of the song Kirk sings, “Driving my Hemi with my foot to the Floor. 500 horses and she’s begging for more. Tach’s reading 6 grand and here we go. Hit 2nd gear and sideway’s she goes.” The song continues with this theme throughout its entirety ending with, “Going down US 131 looking for some fun. Heading to the beach to get some sun/Just looked down im doing 155. Got to love this girl - she always blows my mind. In a sense, the band itself is a lot like the Hemi in their song: driving, fast, grand, fun, tight, and hard-rock mind-blowing.

If you are looking for soul shredding guitar licks, insane drumming, deep driving bass and lyrics that don't put your to sleep sung by a vocalist who is perfect for the mix, then you found your band in 'Not For Lease.' Look for the 4 other songs included on their “HEMIFIED” EP and their 2015 EP titled “PUSHED” on CDbaby. For more information on the band check them out on Reverbnation.

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