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  • Bryon Harris

Nile Groove - 'Why It Gotta Hurt So Bad'

Canadian group Nile Groove is a stand-out band, offering a fresh sound that encompasses elements of pop, soul, jazz, ska, disco, reggae, R&B and funk . Nile Groove is culturally diverse with six talented members: Roxanne, singer-songwriter; Salah Adem, drums; Abraham Loboi, bass; Steve Patterson, tenor saxophone; Michael Grewal, piano; and Daniel Grewal, guitar. Nile Groove was featured in Skope Magazine’s “Artists to Watch” for section. Having achieved a tight sound with sophisticated musicianship, the band's new single, “Why It Gotta Hurt So Bad,” is a great introduction to their style and talent.

“Why It Gotta Hurt So Bad” kicks off with some soul, easing in with piano chords accompanied by smooth sax lines and vocalizes. Right from the start you can hear the power and control of Roxanne’s voice, blending seamlessly with the saxophone creating beautiful melodic lines. Once they bring in the addition of percussion, the song really starts grooving and you can feel those reggae roots kicking in. Nile Groove has undoubtedly created an engaging arrangement, up-beat and very exciting to listen to.

"Why It Gotta Hurt So Bad" is about trying to move on, letting go, the inconsistencies of a love that is up and down and the pain and challenges of leaving someone after having been in a relationship for so long. The emotional conflict is shown in the first verse when she sings, “I’ve built my life around/Gave all my love to you/But now it’s time to say goodbye/It hurts me so but it’s true/Cuz time has changed and so have you/My heart aches but I gotta go” showing that she’s moving on but struggling with how it makes her feel. She then emphasizes this with the hook, “Why it gotta hurt so bad,” repeating it three to four times. Roxanne delivers her vocal lines with an emotive intensity that is refined and smooth.

Ultimately, "Why It Gotta Hurt So Bad" is an song of empowerment. Roxanne wrote “Why it Gotta Hurt So Bad” to raise awareness about domestic abuse, open social discussion about this issue and to empower victims to break the cycle. "Why It Gotta Hurt So Bad" is worthy of high praise for it's composition which is both musical and meaningful. Nile Groove delivers this powerful song with beautiful melodies and exciting musicality. Nile groove will be releasing their second full album, performing more shows, and releasing music videos of new material. For more information on the band, visit their website.

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