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Hayden McHugh - 'Black Widow'

Hailing from Calgary, Canada Hayden McHugh is a young pop, singer-songwriter. Hayden's musical roots are in classical piano; by the time he was 16, Hayden was already producing and writing his own songs. His first studio album, “Lion’s Breath” was released at the young age of 18. Inspired by artists like Bibi Bourelli and Jon Bellion, Hayden McHugh is a an artist on the rise and his new single "Black Widow,"produced by Craig Carswell, is an excellent introduction into McHugh's musical talent.

'Black Widow' opens with atmospheric keys soon joined by rhythm guitar for a truly catchy vibe. The song is an acoustic cut with keys, guitar and vocals; the two musicians lay down a solid foundation for McHugh's performance. There are also tastefully placed guitar riffs throughout that fill-in the songs acoustic landscape.

McHugh starts the first verse with the lyrics, "You know, I know where you go when you go out at night, but I I know I know you just don’t care. You know, I know that you’ve been sleeping with him and he don’t know I’m here." McHugh's vocals are strong. He has a great pop tone that is smooth, warm and inviting. McHugh sings with passion, emotional articulation and a full dynamic range.

The song is about a woman who is described as a "black widow" - "How many others have you trapped inside your web?" The lyrics are clever and the chorus is catchy. "Cause you’re a black widow, black widow baby. Cause you’re a black widow, black widow baby. You’ve never been one to say goodbye, I thought I’d give it a try to try and change you, but all I got was stung." Vocal harmonies are added throughout and to create a nice build up to the chorus.

"Black Widow" offers fans of pop music a break from the mostly electronic songs on the airways with a refreshing acoustic track that sounds like a live concert in your living room; the effect is raw and it will resonate with fans of unplugged popular music who appreciate great musicianship and singing. Hayden shows that he is a talented artist - a singer, a songwriter and a musician - who can deliver a catchy, well-written song and sing it with passion and style. "Black Widow' can be purchase on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, and Soundcloud. You can connect with Hayden on Twitter and Instagram. For detailed information, visit his website.

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