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  • Bryon Harris

The Traveling Ones - 'Wildfire Heart'

The Traveling Ones are a soulful Americana band based out of Austin, TX making their stellar debut with their first album, ‘Meet Me There.’ The album was written by Justin Ahmanson and Emily Villareal, sharing many influences spanning from Aretha Franklin, Norah Jones, The Black Crowes, and The Beatles. The album is about adapting to the unexpected changes in life. Their song, “Wildfire Heart,” off of their new album, is a shining example of the musicianship and songwriting abilities of this outstanding band.

“Wildfire Heart” begins with a brief intro that kicks off with an acoustic guitar chord progression which is soon joined by a melodic violin line, then bass and drums. With the late addition of keys, the bands full arrangement creates a soothing, harmonious atmosphere. All the instruments blend together perfectly, laying down a beautiful and engaging instrumental foundation; there is a deeply emotional quality that will resonate universally.

Emily’s vocals blend right in with a clear and shimmering tone that is complimented by the warm harmonies from Justin. The chorus is memorable with simple, yet gorgeous melodies that will get stuck in your head long after the song is over. The vocals, like the song, are warm and inviting. An instrumental section about 3 minutes into the song is truly lovely, with violin and piano playing in conversation with each other.

"Wildfire Heart” is a song about trying to contain your love for someone, a love that you are aware of from the start that is spreading like fire. In the first verse they sing, “Talk to me, tell me I’m different/Lightning in a room that you just can’t seem to shake/Look at me, do you think I’m pretty? There’s silence in this scene that I just can’t seem to take,” showing that they are hoping that the person they are falling for is looking at them the same way. Then in the chorus they sing, “I wish it was raining/On this wildfire heart/‘Cause it won’t stop spreading/Or lighting the dark/I know it’s not easy /To be aware from the start/But I can’t keep containing this wildfire heart.” The Traveling Ones are striking because of the way they paint emotion with their music; the listener can feel the story through the emotion of the vocals and instrumental melodies.

The Traveling One’s are a standout Americana band who offer the best of what music is all about - communicating the heart and the soul through fine musicianship, great lyrics, soulful singing and well-written, moving songs. “Wildfire Heart” shows off their ability to write great, memorable music. Their debut album, ‘Meet Me There' will be available February 3rd on itunes. For more information about upcoming performances and releases, visit their website.

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