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  • Bryon Harris

Porta Boy - #WCW

Porta Boy

Jeremy Porter, aka Porta Boy, is a phenomenal up-and-coming Pop/R&B/hip-hop artist hailing from Baton Rouge and LA. He draws his influences from Micheal Jackson, Luther Vandross and JCole creating his own unique soulful sound. Growing up, Porta Boy listened to a lot of 90’s R&B and today he incorporates elements from those early days into his original music. Porta Boy's hot new single, “#WCW” is garnishing national attention - as it should.

#WCW shows that Porta Boy has what it takes to chart in popular music today. The track's production is top notch. The song begins with a piano chord progression for a short intro, then once the piano drops out, a synth line comes in accompanied by a sub bass. The track is masterful. As the first verse comes commences, the beat drops creating a really nice groove with that R&B flavor mentioned in our introduction. With solid production, mix and groove - all essential parts to a good hip-hop/R&B track - “#WCW” definitely hits the mark. This track is great.

Porta Boy also makes a stellar impression, vocally, on the track. Not only does he kill it on the chorus while singing, but he also shows off his talent as an artist by throwing down some bars during his rap verses. His voice is clear with a soulful singing tone - he shows vocal prowess while he sings his vocalizes in the background. Then, once he gets into his rap verses, his tone becomes more relaxed as he gets into his flow. The first word that comes to mind is impressive! “

#WCW” stands for 'Women Crush Wednesday.' This is a song about fantasizing about someone, about having a crush and checking them out, liking their smile and imagining being with them. The theme is universal, the lyrics are well-done, and the chorus is down-right catchy. Check out the Video of #WCW

#WCW is an extremely well done track with huge potential for widespread appeal. The production and songwriting are of the highest quality, making this song a competitor with todays’ hit music. Porta Boy hopes to release a lot more music this year to build up his fan base and with songs like “#WCW” that should be no problem for this potential super star.

Fans can reach Porta Boy @porta__ on instagram, portaboy on Facebook and @portaboyup on twitter or follow his DJ @djlyed and his team @so_up_inc. Porta Boy's YouTube channel Porta Boy and view all of my videos and download my mixtape PortaBoy on spinrilla and DatPiff.

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