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  • Bryon Harris

Jen Gloeckner

Jen Gloeckner is a multi-talented, self-produced, electronica artist bringing her own dynamic, passionate flair to the scene. Her song “Vine/Firefly (War Dance)” off her project ‘VINE’ is a shining example of what Jen brings to the table. Self-recorded and produced in her bedroom, “Vine/Firefly (War Dance),” is from Jen’s third recording ‘VINE’ and it is a crossfade of two tracks, “Vine” and the instrumental “Firefly.” The track was mixed by Brian McTear and Matt Poirier at Miner Street Recordings.

The track begins with an atmospheric vibe, slowly building with added instrumentation. Right off the bat, the production is extremely engaging and once the beat comes in, the song folds into an entrancing groove that is mesmerizing. Jen's vocals enter and the song takes on a moving and haunting aura that will send shivers up your spine. The mix is noteworthy as Jen's vocals fall perfectly above the track throughout.

"Vine / Firelfy (War Dance)' seamlessly transitions into the second half of the song which is completely instrumental. It came as no surprise ( after hearing the production of the first half of the song), that the instrumental section is exhilarating! Utilizing a multitude of different sounds and instrumentation, there is a full wall of sound that comes in huge emotional waves that are full of depth, emotion, passion and intrigue. At times the mix almost sounds ancient and warlike, with tribal vibes created by the use of unusual sound effects. The beat is strong, a powerful force like thunder.

Lyrically, Jen sings about not receiving the same love that you give someone else and realizing that you are better off without them. In the first verse, Jen sings, “I gave you one or two tries/But all I get is lies/I treat you like a fine wine/But all I get is vine.” Then in the chorus she continues this theme by singing, “Love’s so blinding/When unwinding/I’m alright without your love/Go.” Ultimately, Vine /Firelfy (War Dance)" is about self-empowerment and self-worth.

“Vine/Firefly (War Dance)” is a testimony to Jen Gloeckner's talent; Jen has the ability to create captivating music that engages, intrigues and ultimately empowers the listener. Jen’s songs may be purchased on Pledge Music. For any more information, visit her Facebook Page.

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