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  • Bryon Harris

Jeannine Higgins - 'Not Like Me'

Jeannine Higgins is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist hailing from Kingwood, Texas. Jeanine grew up in a house filled with music. She was surrounded by six siblings who also sang and the motto at mealtime was “No singing at the dinner table.” Jeannine's parents valued music education (her mother was a theater actress) and Jeanine studied piano, cello and voice as a child and began playing guitar as an adult, after raising her three sons. Jeannine is a prolific songwriter who delivers music that is raw, honest, and deeply thoughtful. Jeannine's single, "Not Like Me," is a great introduction to her reflective, genuine style and musical talent.

The opening of "Not Like Me' is gorgeous. It starts with acoustic guitar picking and solo violin played by Warren Hanson. The arrangement throughout the song is simple; it is a trio with guitar, violin and voice - the violinist plays in unison with the lead vocal and as a soloist. The violin solos are tasteful and melodic, adding moving counter melodies that intertwine perfectly with Jeannine's pretty vocals. The songwriting format throughout is verse-chorus.

Jeannine enters with the words, "We hold onto the things that keep us small." Her voice is delightful and clear, an inviting tone that sounds natural. "Not Like Me' is about the process that one goes through at the end of a relationship which involves both holding on to past memories and letting go. "The mind forgets, long before the heart." Jeannine's lyrics feel like a journal; her songs are an open book to the heart. In the chorus, Jeannine sings " It's not like me to let go, Not like me to turn away say goodbye, in my mind, not like me. Another time, another place, I will long to see your face and i'ts not like me, not like me. The listener is taken inside the music for an experience that is deeply personal through lyrics and music that have depth and emotion.

Jeannine Higgins is a true artist who offers heart and soul, meaning and musicianship. To learn more about Jeannine and to check out more of her work, visit her on Reverbnation.

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