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Kala Farnham - 'Lyrical Letters'

Kala Farnham is a multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter hailing from the quiet corner of Connecticut who has distinguished herself as one of today's most promising Americana artists. Her first full-length studio album, "Anahata: Wake Up Your Heart," was nominated for "Best Americana Album" in RI's Motif Music Awards alongside a nomination for "Best Female Americana Vocalist." In 2015, Kala was selected for the Folk Alliance International's SERFA Music Conference and in 2016 she released her second studio album, "Samadhi: Home Is Where You Are" featuring the remarkable stand-out single, "Lyrical Letters."

"Lyrical Letters" opens with a sweetly plucked acoustic harp pattern that has an interesting rhythmic pattern combined with muted accents; the pattern ventures on and off the beat instantly catching the listener's attention. Kala enters in with the lyrics, "Don't hush, don't you hush my darling/When the world leaves you worn and pained." Kala presents a distinctive, lovely voice that is captivating; her vocal tone is pure and delightful.

As the song moves forward, a sophisticated composition emerges with layers of musical motifs that stay true to the delicate nature of the song while adding texture, proving that Kala is not only a singer, musician and songwriter, but a very talented composer as well with strong production and arranging sensibilities. The instrumentation of "Lyrical Letters" includes Kala on harp, Daisy Castro on cello and violin and Duke Levine on lap steel guitar, baritone guitar and banjo. In the second turn of the chorus, as the instrumentation builds as these fine musicians demonstrate what tasteful musicianship is all about by remaining true to the song's delicacy with superbly placed phrasing and melodic motifs. Kala adds excellent vocal harmonies to the arrangement - her harmonies are unpredictable and surprising.

"Lyrical Letters" was inspired by the Greek muse of lyric poetry and music, Euterpe, flinging down letters from the sky into a songwriter's hands, who thereupon cast the letters haphazardly onto a page to create a song. "Letters, letters, lyrical letters dancing all around us/ What a sight to see/ Flutes are singing/Euterpe is playing a symphony/Beating through our eardrums." In Kala Farnham's hands, lyrics seem to flow less haphazardly than the Greek muse she is singing about; Kala offers poetic lyrics, with a keen sense for classical structure, that unusual and highly original. Kala writes from a place found within herself inspired by "meditative concentration, awareness of the present moment and blissful oneness with the universe."

Please take a moment to enjoy the story of "Lyrical Letters" depicted in this video which relates the experience of two artists brought together through the inspiration of the muse.

Indie Spoonful can't praise the talent of Kala Farnham enough; discovering "Lyrical Letters" was like discovering an Americana gem on a beach of sand - Kala is a treasure, a gifted artist on all levels: a singer, songwriter, musician and composer who is one of the best new Americana artists to emerge and it will be no surprise if Kala extends far beyond the quiet corner of Connecticut. For more information on Kala Farnham, visit her website.

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