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  • Bryon Harris

Black Bolts - 'Right Man'

Black Bolts is a grooving, Garage Rock/Soul group hailing from Chicago. They draw their influences from 60's rock bands such as The Animals and from soul artists like Wilson Pickett. With the diverse combination of these two distinct genres, Black Bolts create a sound that is both new and familiar, but always original. While their first EP, “Fossil Rock,” was more rock oriented, their up and coming project, “Antique Rhythm,” has a newly added horn section which places an emphasis on their soulful vibes and delivers the real deal - true musicianship abounds. Black Bolts single, “Right Man” is a shining example of their emerging style, ingenuity and appeal.

"Right Man" was written by the group's lead singer, Henry JBC. The introduction to “Right Man” slowly builds into a soulful jam, leading into the first verse. At first, we hear a single line pattern, then a funky bass emerges followed by a soulful humming vocal harmonies and a bluesy blast of horns that land you into a full-blown funk-rock foundation that you can dig your teeth into. Henry JBC enters with strong and clear vocals; Henry fully delivers with a soulful ,blues-rock voice that has good grit and plenty of passion.

Black Bolts features Henry JBC on vocals and rhythm guitar, Dan Scherrer on lead guitar, Bob Redman on Bass, Larry Ortega on drums, John Gutierrez on trumpet, Doug Daniels on Sax, Will Cooper on Trombone, and Nella Fronik singing backup vocals. The full arrangement of the band brings a huge sound with each member adding their own talent and flair to the mix. In "Right Man" there are tasteful guitar solos and horn solos and horn arrangements, backed by a solid rhythm section, that give the performance a jazz-like environment where these spectacular musicians can interact and jam out.

“Right Man” is a song about being meeting a stranger who might take a chance on you. This is emphasized in the verse when he sings, “I’m not the greatest,/Just the one who stays out latest/The only other option besides leaving alone,” and again in the pre-chorus when he sings, “I want someone to love me/For the evening./The heart of a stranger only /For the night/For the night.Our souls would be better off together.” The lyrics of "Right Man" are universal. The themes of loneliness, desire, love, strangers and taking a risk will resonate with large audiences.

Black Bolts bring a genre bending, exceptional musical experience that is completely their own- they are a must hear and see band who, in light of so many recording artists using synthesized instrumentation, deliver quality musicianship played by authentically talented musicians offering up great original songs - what more can you ask for? In 2017, Black Bolts will be performing both EP’s with a ten piece ban including two guitars, keyboardist, horn section and percussionist so visit their website and get out to a show. Their third EP will be out by the end of this year. For more information regarding Black Bolts visit their website.

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