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  • Bryon Harris

Shallow Side - 'ONE'

If you are a fan of the kind of rock that exudes energy, excellence and excitement , then you will want to stop what you are doing right now and tune in to the Alabama-bred rock band that is going to return rock to its’ rightful place in music arenas around the world. If there is one band that can bring rock back to its’ glory days, that band is Shallow Side. Shallow Side is on a mission to spread modern rock & roll to the masses and their new EP ‘One’ is sonic proof that they have what it takes to complete their mission. The band is: Eric Boatright (Vocals), Cody Hampton (Bass/Guitar), Seth Trimble (Guitar/Keyboard), Heath Fields (Drums). All I can say is brace yourself folks; this is the best dam band I’ve heard in 2017 and if your New Year was a sleeper, then I guarantee that Shallow Side will wake you up.

The EP opens with the song “We Roll.” The first word two words that come to mind are holy shit, as in holy shit these guys are good! “We Roll” has a rock-funk groove that is filled with attitude and grit. From the get-go, it is apparent that Shallow Side is tighter than tight; the band has an in-the-pocket rhythm section that executes every beat like a machine. The song opens with some soft and mysterious synth chords then busts into a head-banger vibe that lays the foundation for Boatright’s vocals which are rock-sexy.

“We Roll” is followed by “Rebel” which starts with spoken words and a great beat before Boatright enters in with a statement, “Lord have Mercy.” The song is about letting lose and getting wasted at times, about spending all day home hearing the same song and not giving a f—k about being called a rebel; hey, isn’t being a rebel what real rock is all about or at least about feeling like one for a moment? Whether you are a rebel or not, Shallow Side will make you feel alive. “Rebel” is an anthem for the rock masses. I imagine that every voice in the house will sing a-long to this one. There is a thick southern influence in “Rebel,” only Southern never tasted this edgy. Shallow Side's video of "Rebel" has over 840,000 views with good reason. Check it out.

On track three, Shallow Side does a remake of “Renegade” by Tommy Shaw of Styx. Shallow Side made a fan of Shaw when he heard the band’s stellar performance. Shallow Side’s rendition of “Renegade” includes some mind-blowing guitar work by Seth Trimble, a vocal performance that is strong and confiden, and splashes of originality that truly enhance the original version. It is rare that any band can take a great song like “Renegade” and own it; Kudos to Shallow Side for proving that with the right chops and tasteful musicianship, cover songs can be done in a way that makes the original song-writer proud.

The harder rock song “Fight of Flight” is up next with a thick wall of sound. Boatright shows he has the power and range to bring his vocals to the front of the band’s massive sound. “I’ve been cheated. I’ve been wronged. “I’ve been twisted for so long.” Often, the drummer is somewhere in the back just laying down the beat and rarely mentioned in a review, but I can’t say enough about the rhythm section of Shallow Side; together Cody Hampton and Heath Fields give everything they have and what they have is exceptional talent. In track five, that band plays “Can You Hear Me” and my answer is "yes." I hear that Shallow Side are musical geniuses who gymnastically change it up with a flexibility that is second-to- none by giving a performance that hits hard while maneuvering in and out of musical phrasing and ideas like a sports car driving over a hundred miles an hour while executing every turn with precision to the finish line. The last song is “Start A Fire.” The track opens with a guitar riff that rockers everywhere will want to emulate. Just around the corner, following the guitar lick intro and hard hitting drums, are some background harmonies, “oooo’s” sung in unison like a rock chorus that is coming at you, coming to start a fire. What strikes me most is the originality of Shallow Side; there are surprises around every corner that fill the ear with awe. Boatright sings, “Let me show you how to start…start a fire.” Frankly, the band burns it up and there is no doubt that songs like “Start A Fire” will ignite the masses. The song ends with a short guitar solo that is hot and crispy.

Shallow Sides’ EP titled ‘ONE’ is being released by Thermal Entertainment on January 13, 2017. With "ONE" Shallow Side has what it takes to start a fire in the rock world that will burn for a long time. Get in on the next big thing and visit their website.

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