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  • Bryon Harris

Sonar Lights - 'Reset'

'Sonar Lights is a rock group with a huge sound from the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Featuring only 3 members, George Miadis, vocal and guitars, Darren Wis, bass, and Doug McKenna, drums, Sonar Lights knows how to take their musicianship to a powerful level. Sonar Lights has a heavy, rocking sound mixed with influences from the late 70's-early 80's progressive rock, which is delivered through powerful vocal melodies and fearless musicianship. Sonar Lights has hit high marks internationally with China's Enter The Snake, the Midi Festival (China's largest rock festival) and their China Year Of The Horse tour. One of their newest songs, “Reset,” showcases the bands talent through memorable melodies, jamming instrumentals and more.

“Reset” is a ballad filled with emotion and stellar musicianship. The song is arranged for acoustic guitar, electric guitar, drums and bass. The song begins with only acoustic guitar, a slightly dampened sound, throughout the first verse, that sets the intensity. "I had a dream last night/ That I had an eagle’s eyes/ Watching for broken souls/ In the circus of this world." The duo between the slightly muted guitar and the lead vocals, accentuate the well-written melody, making it a memorable opening that draws listeners in.

Entering the pre-chorus, the band moves into full gear with electric guitar, bass and drums creating a huge, tight wall of sound that provides a great build up to the chorus. As the chorus arrives, one thing is very clear - Sonar Lights has it all. The band's lead singer, George Miadis, has the "it" factor. He is the type of rock singer that most bands would kill to have; he knows how to let go when required and how to hold back to build momentum. The vocals portray excellent tone, dynamic and control. That said, the band's instrumental talent equals that of their vocal talent - simply stellar. There is plenty of musicianship to sink your teeth into with emotional, crying and beautifully crafted guitar solos backed by a tight rhythm section. “Reset” is 8:20 long featuring two instrumental sections showcasing the musicianship and creativity of the band, utilizing many layers of guitar and faint vocals in the background. It is impressive.

"Reset" reflects on the violence in the world and the band's desire for there to be a “reset.” In the pre-chorus the lyrics paint this desire,“Globe was turning/Yearning, yearning/Never learning how to love.” As time moves on, the world keeps struggling to attain peace in the chorus as he sings, “Oceans blood red/Raindrops of pain/Numbers in place of fallen names/If only we could/Reset the whole game/The songs of true happiness would only remain,” commenting on the violence of war and how he yearns for peace. Sonar Lights delivers a complete package: it is rare to find the real deal, a band that not only has great vocals and musicianship, but also offer lyrics that have depth.

To hear the band's creativity and musicianship, check out this video of Sonar Lights playing a live cover of Eleanor Rigby.

“Reset” is a passionate song that reflects on the issues our world is facing today. Sonar Lights does a great job of incorporating messages of world struggle, social injustice and modern time conflict, creating truly meaningful songs that are sung with unparalleled passion, played with stellar musicianship and delivered with the guts to jam and play their hearts out, going beyond the three minute cookie-cutter protocol to give fans everything they've got - and more. Sonar LIght's music is available iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play. For more information visit: their website.

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