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  • Bryon Harris

Aaron Towns - 'Love Exchange'

L.A. based artist, Aaron Towns, is an undeniably talented producer, singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Although he started off in Dayton, Ohio, the 25 year old artist has trained himself musically across the United States and it has paid off for him well. Towns' life experiences and self-taught music skills have come together beautifully to create an self-described Electric Soul sound that is captivating audiences worldwide. Towns' breakout single, “Love Exchange,” from his newly released project, ‘The Bamboo Theory,’ showcases his superb musicianship, songwriting craft and production work; "Love Exchange" is sure to be a chart topper and Aaron Towns is an artist you will want to add to your playlist.

"Love Exchange" starts off with an arrangement of synths and drums that set the stage for an engaging vibe. Right off the bat, you can hear the pop-style influence in the production of Towns' music. Offering a genre bending presentation with elements of pop, R & B and soul, the melding of these genres come together perfectly to create an original mix that has instant mass appeal.

Above the mix, Towns voice enters in with a smooth and soulful tone. Towns voice is radio-friendly in the a tenor range perfect for the pop masses. "Why cant we fall in love tonight. You said you don’t believe in love at first sight?" Immediately, there is a certain sex appeal that is apparent as Towns lyrics are personal and intimate; he is singing directly to his audience.

From the first verse forward, Towns shows his understanding of the art of melody. The melodic lines are catchy and build nicely from the verse to verse then up to the chorus.

Once the chorus comes in, the production becomes a bit less busy, allowing space for Towns’ voice and his passion to shine through as the melodic content becomes more engaging. Town sings, " Girl I only want to be the only one for you..."

“Love Exchange” captivates with an unforgettable music experience that is unique; there is no doubt that Towns is a pioneer who defies being a basic cookie-cutter artist who fits into a box. Instead, Towns plays outside the box offering an original voice and vibe that is stylistically alluring and refreshing.

In 2017, Towns will be touring nationwide and bringing ‘The Bamboo Theory’ to a city near you. To keep up with Towns touring and new releases, you can follow him @iamaarontowns on all social media: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram or visit his website

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