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Bryce Hitchcock - 'I Wonder'

Bryce Hitchcock is a multi-talented, dynamic Singer/Songwriter/Actress based out of Nashville. Blending Folk, Blues, Jazz and Pop with a hint of Country, Bryce creates an extremely enjoyable music experience that will surely have universal appeal. Bryce has performed in the NAMM She Rocks Showcase in Nashville; she has had her music played on thousands of radio stations worldwide; and she is the voice of Deuce in Final fantasy Type-O HD video game. Her song “I Wonder” showcases her undeniable gift as a songwriter and it is a great introduction to her music.

“I wonder” is about reminiscing over a past relationship where, after leaving the person, you wonder if you had stayed around - would they still be here today? Bryce sings, “and I wonder would you have stayed if I never walked away and I wonder would you have survived if I’d given you my whole life.” Bryce uses each verse to build on this theme which is deeply emotional and heartfelt.

The song begins with beautiful guitar arpeggios, backed up by a jamming beat on the drums. Bryce enters the first verse singing, “I look out the window where birds used to fly in the sky. It seems the only thing that flies now is our time.” Bryce's voice has a pure tone which, when paired with beautiful, haunting melodies of "I Wonder," makes for a gorgeous song. With the addition of vocal harmonies, bass and keys, this arrangement has a professional sound quality which provides Bryce with a great platform to make a strong entrance into the music industry. "I wonder" is extremely memorable and moving. It will resonate with you long after you hear it.

Bryce's songwriting is honest; she reaches deep within to explore the questions that linger long after we experience something that haunts us. "I Wonder" is a testimony to Bryce's maturity as a young songwriter; she is more than a song-writer - she is a story teller who captivates us with her ability to tackle complex emotions and topics. Bryce never pushes it over the top, instead she lets the music breath and develop which keeps us glued to each note. The song ends softly with Bryce softly singing, "and I wonder."

With songs like “I Wonder,” there is no doubt that Bryce Hitchcock should be an artist on your playlist. She will be releasing her album, ‘I Wonder,’ early this year with the title track single soon to be available on itunes. For more information on Bryce, visit her website

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