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Bongo Boy Rock n' Roll TV - 'S6:EP1 CHOSEN'

Kicking off the New Year, Bongo Boy Rock n' Roll TV keeps the party going with 'S6:EP1 CHOSEN', featuring seven sensational artists from around the globe with performances in multiple genres including rock,pop, soul folk, Celtic and hip hop.

The show starts with Kristine Mirelle from Los Angeles, California presenting her single "Freakin' Mess." Kristine's performance is a blend of pop-rock-soul mixed to perfection. The chorus is contagiously catchy "I'm always sayin' no, no, no, no, no when I want to say yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yes but you should really know, know, know, know, know that I'm a freakin' mess". In addition to superb songwriting, Kristin has great vocal tone and piano chops to match. "Freakin' Mess" is a "Freakin Hit" that is chart-ready with a sensational and vibrant video, directed by Joseph Wesley, that paints the story of a pink-haired girl who is "kind of a little unstable."

From Union, New Jersey, Raftree is up next with "All the Time." Raftree performs live and the video, which was filmed by Jeffrey Moore, serves well to show off the band's power-metal based chops. With a short intro of hard hitting drums, the band wastes no time creating a full wall of musical sound with precisely executed rhythm guitar riffs infused with in-the-pocket bass lines, lead guitar solos to blow you away, and vocals that are confident and passionate. "All the Time" is about no longer being infatuated by someone who you realize is a liar and a fraud. The song talks about love being blind then seeing through it all and moving on. The band's performance confirms that they have the type of live stage presence fans of rock will flock to.

'The artist, Rosalee, follows with her video "Hmmm." The song starts off with a tight, rhythmic guitar riff that sets a great groove. Rosalee enters with an immediately enticing vocal tone, "All I know. Don't let life go." Rosalee is a mesmerizing performer who draws you in with a soulful, funky and R & B vibe. The video, directed by David Henry Gerson is one of the best of the New Year; it takes you from rich and ornate halls with exquisite costumes and jewelry, to the streets of a city where blood is shed, and ends in a gospel setting. Rosalee pours her passion into the lyrics which call for a state of harmony in a confusing world ;and she does this to the backdrop of a killer track with meaningful lyrics - "Hatin' is just wastin' all your time."

From London, England - HOTEI Ft. IGGY POP presents "Walking Through The Night" which features the collaboration of Hotei, a rock icon from Japan who is spreading West and the one and only, legendary, Iggy Pop. The video, directed by Tomoni Okamura, is cutting edge with flashing images of godlike icons, warriors, swords, and a beautiful woman. It moves back and forth from the city streets. The video is worthy of these two incredible musicians/composers. The song opens with a guitar solo that plays the melodic content of the verse with fantastic attitude. The vocal performance has edge and mystery. The lyrics are straight-forward to pack a solid punch, "Can't Feel I'm wastin' time, Look for a sign. Don't let them waste your time."

Next up is Anana Kaye & Irakli Gabriel with their entrancing song, “Ain’t Dead Yet.” Based out of New York City, this dynamic duo has earned many accolades due to their unmistakable talent and musical prowess. Their self-directed video gives off an eerie, swampy vibe matching the mood of the song. The video is shot completely in black and white with the exception of the color red which only appears at the end of the song making for a highly artistic presentation. Anana is depicted as a fortune teller while the video flashes to various clips of medieval-like scenes giving the feel of an old-fashion silent movie. The arrangement of this song includes a simple bass line paired with a basic drum beat with distorted guitar taking the lead. The vocal performance rocks with energy and captures your soul beginning to end.

Taking the stand next is Cassani ft. Waheed Ahmad with their song “Shine.” The music video is directed by Waheed Ahmed and shows the two hip-hop artists taking to the streets showing off their ride and and their rhymes. Cassani and Waheed bring a lot of energy to the table and mix it up with hip hop that has a slight R & B feel to it making a reference to "God Bless the Child." In this fully entertaining video, the duo tackles social problems; they talk about determination in the face struggles; and they deliver an uplifting and empowering message- "through the pain and the rain" and "through the darkest moments we shine."

Deborah Henriksson from Vasteras, Sweden closes the episode with her heart-wrenching song “Breakers’ Roar.” In the video, directed by Matts Nyman, we see Deborah singing in open fields on a beach, the perfect setting for a song that is as moving and expansive as the setting it is sung in. Deborah Henirksson is a breath of fresh air. She has a pure and elegant tone, showcasing her vocal control throughout the song. Accompanied by a big arrangement of strings and percussion, this song will resonate with fans of Celtic and folk music. It is purely delightful.

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