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  • Bryon Harris

Kaiya On The Mountain - 'Risky'

Kaiya On The Mountain is a 5-piece folk-rock band featuring Kaiya Pelletier (Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Banjo), Justyn Lewis (Lead Guitar), Matt Haugen (Bass), Jack Lund (Keys), and Liam Walker (Drums). Kiaya On The Mountain is refreshingly original and should be on your radar as an upcoming band for 2017. Their song, “Risky,” is a great introduction to Kaiya On The Mountain.

“Risky” is an upbeat, catchy tune with an engaging arrangement. The song begins with a brief rhythmic intro on the electric guitar, which is very nice, followed by the entrance of Kaiya’s vocals. Kaiya’s voice is full of energy and she hits all of her vocal runs with precision. Kaiya also has great nuance and presents original character in her voice which is welcomed in this day of cookie-cutter singers; Kaiya is unique and edgy in her own way, making her performance one that you can listen to many times and never grow tired of.

After the first verse, which consist of just guitar and vocals, the rest of the band comes in. The full arrangement of the band is truly engaging and makes for an uplifting musical experience. You are instantly up on your feet; the vibe is completely contagious. Kaiya On The Mountain delivers everything you would want and more to this folk-rock song; the lyrics are great, the vocals are unique and polished, the band is energized and tight, the chorus has a great hook, and there is an undeniable originality that sparkles from the songstress and the song.

“Risky” is all about falling for someone that you know you shouldn’t be falling for and having to let go after you’ve realized that they’re “just a little bit risky.” Kaiya sings, “Trying to clean up this mess that I made. But it's proving to be too much for me to handle,” then in the pre-chorus/chorus she sings “And I know I may be a little damaged. And you may be just a little bit risky. But I’ll let gooooo anyway.” The song was written by Kaiya Pelletier and Kaiya has nailed it on so many levels: lyrically, melodically and structurally; it's simply a great song.

Check out Kaiya On The Mountain's video performance of "Risky."

Kaiya On The Mountain brings a lot to the table with great musicianship and the ability to write kick-ass memorable songs like “Risky.” If you are looking for a new band to kick the New Year off with, Kaiya On The Mountain is a stellar choice! The name "On The Mountain" certainly fits this group as they are most definitely at the top of their genre. Kaiya On The Mountain will be working on their debut LP in 2017 and expect a release in the latter part of the year. They are also working on a West Coast tour for the summer. For more information on the band, please visit their website.

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