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Jessy Tomsko - 'Big Hearts'

Jessy Tomsko is a prolific and talented folk/pop singer-songwriter who has released several EPs and albums over the years. Jessy has performed alongside many impressive artists such as Joan Osborne, Edwin McCain, Loudon Wainwright, Kim Richey, Peter Bradley Adams, Ari Hest and Chris Trapper. No strange to prominent venues and festivals, Jessy has performed at Musikfest,, Black Potatoe Music Festival,the Highline Ballroom Club Passim, Mexicali Live , Rams Head On Stage, the Sellersville Theatre and more. Jessy's music has aired on MTV-UK and The Sundance Network and on 100+ radio stations. Her single “Big Hearts” is a testimony to her amazing talent.

“Big Hearts” starts off with Jessy counting us in then leading off singing, “I got a big heart beatin' in my chest, it's such a fine art, never getting any rest every day and every night it keeps on going.” Jessy immediately captures the listener with a very pure timbre, gliding gracefully through beautifully crafted melodies and harmonies throughout the verses and choruses. The instrumentation of "Big Hearts' is engaging with gorgeous lines played by the violin; the rhythmic duo of the drums and bass, and the lovely twang of the guitar, provide the perfect landscape for this song that feels as warm as the sun, as light as the air, and as down-to-earth as a beating heart.

“Big Hearts” is a captivating love song about the struggle between listening to your heart vs. your mind, holding on to the past, and acknowledging a love that is true, a love that has influenced your life. Jessy's message is universal and heartfelt as she sings, “So you call me now and then. I ask about your job and your girlfriend while this big heart's beatin' true and I think she's gonna go no. I'm afraid I'm gonna go on loving you.”

The song "Big Heart" is warm, charming, inviting, and down-to-earth; yet, at the same time, the song's overall form, the meaning and the musical presentation have a level of sophistication, style and originality that comes from being a polished artists who knows her craft very well. If you are looking to discover great new folk in the New Year, then you just hit the jackpot with Jessy Tomsko; she's a one of a kind artist. Jessy will be releasing a new album "Wild and Good" early this year. She also has many upcoming shows which you can check out on her website.

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